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  1. I've been doing leatherwork for about 40 years - started in the 70's as a high school student - but spent about the last 25 years away from the craft. Started back a couple of years ago and am having fun with it again. Here's my question: How do I get a nice gray (medium to charcoal) color? A friend has asked me to make a holster for his revolver, which is stainless with black/gray grips. He requested a gray color which I think would look great, especially with some black antique to highlight the tooling. It occured to me that I've never done anything in gray - everything I've been asked to make has either been black or shades of brown. I have not found any gray dye. I've tried reducing some Fiebings USMC black but I'm not really happy with the color. To me the tan color of the leather shows through enough to make it look brownish. Would an oxalic acid wash help? Thanks