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  1. TonyRV2

    sewing machine choices

    Josh...I just wanted to point out that I'd mistakenly called the Consew a 441 the Cowboy, among a lot of others, that are copies of that machine.
  2. TonyRV2

    sewing machine choices

    I'm no expert, but I'm sure they'll be around shortly. I just went through the process of purchasing a sewing machine and was looking for the 'one size fits all' solution which is like finding a unicorn in a pasture of spaghetti bushes. I was duly thrashed...well...not really...but I could see it on their virtual brows, that feeling of "oh no...not another one". lol Anyway, I've found that something like a Consew 1206RB (Juki 441 clone), a flat bed machine, will sew up to 3/8" leather and likes the lighter stuff. I'll be purchasing this, or one like this in the next few days. I've already purchased a Cowboy CB3200 for heavier applications. From the sounds of it, for what you do, you'd be better off with something like the Consew or similar, and maybe, since you don't do a lot of heavy stuff, go to hand stitching for that.
  3. TonyRV2

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    I see....sorry for the confusion. Edit: Just looked over your price list and it looks very competitive. Approximately how much would it be to ship, for instance, a double shoulder to the U.S., or for whatever your minimum order might be.
  4. TonyRV2

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    I saw nothing about pricing on your website. I see that you have a price list available for asking via email, but I think you'd be hard pressed to get many takers unless you post prices on your site as well as shipping costs, just as a matter of convenience. All online companies that I deal with do this. Of course, just my opinion. Good luck with your new company.
  5. TonyRV2

    SLC 20th Anniversary Catalog

    Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Thanks Mark...I suffered from newbie to sewing machines syndrome going into this but I'm over it now. In fact I'll be ordering the CB3200 this afternoon, and then I need to go down to the car dealership to buy a Mini Cooper to haul lumber and cinder blocks in.
  7. Thank you to everyone that has responded, I know these things have been discussed ad nausaum. Yeah JL, I considered just doing the thicker stuff by hand, but I'm now at the point where I believe I will be buying the Cowboy CB3200 and then, over the next few months look for a used flat table machine which seem to be found rather commonly in order have something set up for thinner leather.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just got off the phone with Alexander at Solar Leather Machines and he advised that for what I want to do that the CB3200 or (something he thought would be better) the CB3200 Pro which apparently a little heavier duty, has a heavier stand and a sewing area which is more accessible. He didn't seem to think that the optional table platform would do much good in sewing thinner leathers and also indicated that the minimum thickness that could be sewn would be about 6oz stacked...and then only with careful adjustment. This last part worries me a bit considering its my first machine. So I guess my new question to the group is this: Has anyone sewn thinner garment leathers with this model and what was your experience? Thanks in advance for you help!
  9. Hi all...I started out as a knife maker a few years ago and making sheaths is what got me started in leather, although did a little leather work back in the 70's. Anyway, I'm finding I enjoy the leatherwork even more than the knife making an plan on expanding that part of my hobby. To that end, I'd like to branch into making handbags, hats, straps and so on, and maybe put enough together to start doing fairs and festivals. Thus the need/want for a sewing machine, as I've been hand stitching everything up to this point. So moving forward, I need a machine that does well with garment leather as well as knife sheaths. I think I've settled in on a Cobra Class 20 machine and I've found very little feedback on this model here at Leatherworker. The specs say this machine is good for up to 1/2 inches which should adequately cover the 3 layers of 7/8 oz leather that I use for sheaths, and furthermore, since this is a flat table model it will naturally be well suited to much thinner projects. So then, anyone have any experience with this particular machine, and do you think that it would be the best machine for the jobs I want to do? Thank you for your input!
  10. TonyRV2

    How To Sharpen A Round Knife

    In the for what its worth department, as a knifemaker (making sheaths got me into leatherwork) I own a couple 2X72" knife grinders. Not only can you purchase abrasive belts for these grinders, but they may also be fitted with a 2X72" strop. These strops are made to be put on the machine with the grain side out. In the final analysis, I personally don't believe it makes a difference if you strop on the grain side or on the flesh side. After all, after several stropping the flesh side is going to be burnished down anyways. The whole idea behind stropping is to realign all the little micro-teeth that have formed on the cutting edge as well as to apply a polish to the edge. Green jewelers rouge is my preferred stropping compound.
  11. Good luck with your sheath. Building knife sheaths is the reason I got into leatherworking because I'm also a knifemaker. With a 9-10oz welt, you could pull that knife in and out 10,000 times and I don't care how sharp it is, your not going to bust through to the stitching. A person would really have to purposely start sawing on the welt to try to damage it to that extent. As one other poster mentioned, after you get it all glued up put your stitch line about 1/8 to 3/16 or so from the edge and make your welt about 1/2 wide. A person would have to cut through (sideways mind you) 5/16 of leather before a stitch was exposed. Very unlikely so you can relax.
  12. TonyRV2

    Knuckle duster

    Great idea....I like it!
  13. TonyRV2

    Our most popular stamps

    PM sent requesting catalog, thanks.
  14. TonyRV2

    Removing oil stain on tooled veg tan

    Before you do anything else, or put any more products on this, try setting it out in the sunshine for a few days. This may lighten it up very nicely for you, I know that this works with Resolene.
  15. I bought this glue keeper a few months ago for 14 bucks on ebay...there are many like it there and on amazon similarly priced. So far, so good, I have no complaints and its keeping the glue and brush fresh.