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  1. Bootknife

    JUKI 2210 N-6

    Looking for Help to determine Value and Usefulness of this Machine for Leather and Canvas. I have a Cobra 4 that I use a lot but am considering this to expand My capability. Any thoughts or Info would be Helpful, Thanks
  2. I have another Question that Members can Help Me with. I have a lead on available Sewing Machines. Juki LU2210 N-6 is the Model Number.My concerns are Capabilities and Value!  My understanding is that these were Used to MFG High End Luggage. Anyone else interested in the Florida area? 

  3. Well the continued efforts to find and acquire parts for the J&R  SD 28 is progressing and I thank Everyone for Chiming in on this project! Hope to Post when I get this Humming again.

  4. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    I do not understand " knackered then casemaker??"
  5. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Were You able to Find Mr.Veenhoven's info, Sir? If so here is Mine hallrobert.hall@
  6. I am looking for Needles as well Sir
  7. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Rockoboy do You have a Full Link for this site? this gets Me all over the place.
  8. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Wow is that a Sewing Machine?
  9. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Thanks I will Try Them casemaker
  10. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Thanks Rockoboy I will Try them!
  11. Bootknife

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Yes Wizcrafts, I am here in Florida as I have Moved From Maryland. I was on this site back then and as a result, purchased a Cowboy Class 4 from Steve T. at LMCo. I liked and use that Machine here in Fla. I have had this J&R for as many years but never returned it to Service. Since posting around a few sites I have gathered two Manuals, One German and today One in English. It seems this Tech is the Same as a Pedersen model 308! So I am making Progress.Please send any Info You may have as I am excited to get this old Puppy working again....They don't them like this anymore! If I can just get it TIMED, That is my Biggest Problem.Thanks again Fellow Leather Workers You are the Greatest!!!
  12. AKA ...Pedersen Outsole Stitcher Model 30S. I am Trying to find Parts bur really need a few Needles. Someone said Leffjer in Melbourne Australia but I do not have a link.