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  1. Best way to get started is to just dive in! Do some reading and research (on here, books, youtube (see links barehandcustoms shared), leather shops like Tandy or others) and then just start. I sat around an fussed about not having the right tools or not knowing exactly how to do something for a long time, but leather working is a craft, an art, a manual skill that must be developed over time.... The time will go by anyways, so you might as well use it to practice!
  2. Whoa! Those bags are intense! Love the colours, though I'm not a big fan of skulls myself lol the one in my head is plenty for me. I'm from Canada as well, Alberta though. I got started with free carving classes offered at my local Tandy store. There should be a Tandy around; almost every major city has one I think, check the store locator on their website, though I'm not familiar at all with the Toronto area, so distance might still be an issue. There are some other Ontario based people here who will hopefully be able to get you some more direction about instruction and suppliers more local to you. I buy most of my leather from a place called Buckskins Leather Co. I have to order most of it as the nearest store is hours away, but they're great about sending stuff super fast and they're one of the few places I know that supplies Hermann Oak in Canada. Good luck finding what you need! It is indeed very rewarding to build you own leather goods
  3. Thank you! I almost couldn't buckle the noseband, lol. I'm look forward to seeing the cob wear it as well, I'll post a picture when I get one! Thank you very much Thank you! I might need to make another just for her.
  4. Those are super neat! I only just picked up a pony a couple weeks ago (the cheapest one Tandy had) and OH BOY do I wish I'd gotten one sooner. It makes things SO MUCH easier! I just made do with holding things between my knees before lol, felt like I'd run a marathon after a few hours stitching. I'll be interested in seeing what other people have got as well; it's sure to be a motley herd.
  5. That is stunning! I've thought once or twice about inlaying different materials into a bridle, but always worried about what would happen when I go to clean/oil it later... I don't trust myself not ruin everything. Your work is inspiring though...
  6. Thank you very much! No pics of the gypsy wearing it yet. She was in a show last weekend though, and promised me some pics that I am anxiously waiting on. I did try it on my own horse (was a bit small lol), but it''ll look a lot more striking on the Gypsy with her white face and forelock.
  7. Welcome! I look forward to seeing some of your creations in the future; I did't even realise fish leather was a thing, haha.
  8. Welcome! There's loads of info on here, a great resource to bringing your vision into reality!
  9. The most ambitious bridle I've made yet. Custom made for a gypsy cob. A lot of 'firsts' for me on this one, including working very closely with the customer on the design. I'd love feedback if anyone has any; there's always so much to learn, and room to improve. Thanks!
  10. velvetwastaken


    Welcome. I never post really, but the wealth of information available to read here is fantastic! Enjoy.
  11. Welcome back! I really like that last piece. No way my hand is steady enough to cut those kinds of details. Nice!
  12. Welcome! I started the same way, thinking I could save $$$ by learning to make things myself... hahahaha! But the sense of accomplishment after finishing a project is priceless, so it's all worth it in the end
  13. Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm new both to these forums and to leather working in general. As a kid, I made (crappy) leather tack for my model horses, but now I'd like develop the skills to make things for real horses. I hope to learn as much as I can from the wealth of experience you all have here. I decided to start by learning to braid leather, as I thought it might be the most economical for a beginner (probably thought wrong, lol, rawhide ain't cheap as it turns out), so I'll be mostly lurking in the Braiding thread for the foreseeable future, devouring any and all info there. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here! Cheers!
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