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  1. yeah, thats pretty much it. It's for a gift, I will also be adding sterling silver wire braid inside the leather braid, but if I can get the leather braid looking neat the wire won't be a problem.
  2. I couldn't work out what you meant by that at first, and think you might be thinking of his ridge braid styles. but no this is the flat profile of a pendant, the loop will be coming in from the top of the triangle, following along the outer edge back to the top to join the loop. The tricky thing I can't work out is how to braid over the middle bar without strands from it causing imbalance on the outer edges.
  3. Any one got any ideas on how to plait the following shape in roo? And or over a piece of metal if it needs it to keep shape.
  4. Once I have this bull whip of mine finished I think I am going ot have enough to top over a cane. It's actually the stem of an old carriage type whip. It tapers down from the handle, and I am wondering if I am going to plait over the top of it, how can I terminate it? Will whipping the end do do you think? Or should I not bother and find something else to do with the lace?
  5. 8th can mean either made be me or for me, either or...But I don't really want the year in there...I think a picture of the details will be good enough for that like. Hopefully it's around long enough to justify it... Working the second plaited belly now.
  6. A finished image design...
  7. Incredible work as always man.
  8. Hey guys, I know I haven't really been in for a while, I am still working away on all sorts of things, I might get some uploaded at some point. Anyway. I am working on this signature whip design, 24plait, roo, 6-8', three layer, naturally falling...in black and red... It's about the first thirdshown, I actually want the fancy area about 3 foot of the whip, leading to an 8 seam then to a four seam. There will be sterling silver enriched button knots and probably no handle loop, I never liked them...It's for me so anything goes... The top of image would be the pommel. Any thoughts ideas on how to fill the last two foot of design?
  9. I always cut high quality hides from the outside now, just trim it to shape get a cushion and start working it slowly. But my main objective is lace for braiding usually. And like said, round things off when you need to with a nice sharp rotary blade. If the hide will have multiple uses, eg note books I will cut them first leaving the largest circles I can to make the lace from.
  10. I would tend to avoid glue if I can and use methods that are removable and cause no damage in case there is ever a need to take it apart. I will usually use strips of leather wrapped on, using thin stuff if I can makes it neater. Trim the shape with a very sharp knife, and use a slim bar of steel under it to make sure I don't cut through. Then at the outer edges of it through the braid under, attach either dental floss or artificial sinew, and wrap it (flat) as if I was doing a button, ie 20-30 degrees apart past the last one on each pass. every now and again going through the braid again. The artificial sinew spreads out to about 5mm width so it works far better than dental floss which only spreads about 2mm-3mm I used to use tape to smooth the finished look but don't much find the need any more, if the floss is good and tight and even, it shapes it nicely enough. And helps to provide a better grip for the next knot. If I am out of material, I will make more knots using what ever I am braiding with, usually a Spanish ring, if I need a rein type knot, or if it's for the end of a whip, a Spanish ring followed by a turks head followed by what ever know I am using.
  11. I really like that and also would be interested in more pictures.
  12. I think I put that in the wrong thread a minute ago. Sorry mods I am after a mask maker to put something sort of pirate/steampunk/masquerade with leather and lace together. Please PM your details to me and I will forward you to the person in question.
  13. Friend of mine wants I think a sort of masquerade type mask with lace bits and I think there is some sort of pirate influence too, Can anyone help, please PM your email address and I will forward directly to her.
  14. I checked through every thing from scratch again, the top thread wasn't actually between the tensioning disks properly, thats why it wasn't adjusting when I changed it. Problem solved. Yay. Project now finished.
  15. It's just a straight stitch and looks like the lower right image... http://www.threadsma...-tension-03.jpg
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