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  1. Just email Tandy and ask them what font it is and also ask if they have a version to install on your computer. If they don't and you can't find a version online then you'll have to make your own. There are free font creation tools online.
  2. That looks good. How does it attach to the wearer? Or is is just a sheath?
  3. Post a picture of it. You might just have to clean and brush it with a natural fiber brush. No way to tell without seeing what it is.
  4. No, price gouging is pretty much always on purpose. You can't really accuse people of wrong doing on "accident". It doesn't work like that. Either the prices are fair or they're intentionally unfair. There are laws against price gouging. You might have a case here. All we have to do is prove Sandy had an effect on the leather market. If they're stealing from you then you can take them to court or at least complain and get your discount faster. I personally don't think they're illegally profiteering off of one guy in Texas but who knows right? Maybe it's just a single store that's gone rogue? Post your receipts and give us the store name and we'll get you straightened out. Why anyone would accept price gouging (illegal in many states by the way) and still shop with a company is honestly beyond me. I personally haven't gotten the wrong pricing apart from the one issue I mentioned which was fixed within an hour of me noticing it. Unless of course you count the time the manager noticed my gold price was higher than his store special and happily changed it to his price instead. There is literally no case of incorrect pricing that can't be dealt with through a simple phone call or email. You're advice seems a tad over the top. You may as well tell them to check that their wallets are still in their pockets when they leave the store.
  5. Just for reference, when dealing with other countries you should give a country code with the phone number. USA is +1. so the number would be given like this: +1 555 555-5555
  6. @DFWLeather, It's only gouging if they do it on purpose. If there's an issue with the system it's called an error so just walk back into Tandy with your receipt and show them the error and get your refund and then take your own advice and "grow out of them" and stop shopping there. Problem solved. Any yes their pricing system is automated but there can be issues with it. I renewed my gold account and noticed it completely dropped my gold level pricing and was charging retail prices. I double checked that it wasn't working on their website and emailed them and it was fixed within an hour. I'm willing to bet if you post your receipts here we'll find a similar issue which can be just as easily resolved.
  7. Using Gum Tragicanth you have to dye first. End of story.
  8. That's not a Tandy kit as far as I know. Tandy's pro leatherwork tool kit is completely different. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/product/pro-leatherwork-tool-set-4899-01.aspx Tandy also probably wouldn't put non-tandy brand cement and dye in their kits so there's no way Tandy would hock Master Cement in any of their kits over their own Tanners Bond brand. Since SLC carries crafttool and other tandy tools they can put together whatever items they want into their tool kits. By the way, the Tandy Deluxe kit is on clearance right now for 79.99. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/home/department/beginning-leather-kits/55510-00.aspx You can probably save the most money by purchasing only what you need with a membership card. Even buying a membership card and then the kit will save you money. Figure out what you need to start to do what you want to do and then go find the best deals you can.
  9. The categories you're in appear to cover it. It doesn't actually matter though. If the mods feel you're not posting in the correct category they'll move your post for you.
  10. Your project looks fairly well thought out to me. Your objective is clear. You're looking to turn your leather shop into a teaching facility. Your pledge rewards are all decent products, though as leather workers ourselves, we might not see the benefit in pledging for the smaller rewards that we can make ourselves and those are the ones that will be easiest to push. I would also suggest you post on other make friendly sites and forums like Make Magazine, Instructables.com and Etsy.com and definitely look at Google Plus for social networking as the maker and DIY movements are strong there and community sourcing for projects is understood there more so than any where probably.
  11. We've seen Kickstarter here before with little success but you might get some interest because there's not a lot of learning resources out there on boot making apart from a few books. Good luck!
  12. You mentioned Tandy's november sale but some stores have a black Friday sale as well. I know the Harrisburg PA store will have one this year. they'll also accept orders by email, fax and phone. Contact them for exact details.
  13. As above plus you should try to have a border for your tooling that is separate from your stitch line. It's not horrible that it isn't. It just gives a better look overall. Your tooling looks OK. All the columns and rows appear to line up. I can see a couple of spots where you were off a bit.
  14. Sanding will probably make the scratches bigger and more noticable. The scratch is really just the removal of the top grain of the leather. Sanding will only remove more of that top top grain. It won't smooth it out. You'd probably want to ask a boot or shoemaker if there's a way to do it. That's beyond just dying and finishing and more of a shoe repair question.
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