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  1. I just bought 29k2 sewing machine few parts are missing also missing the whole assembly showing in your pictures could you please tell me if I can buy this part it looks like a leaf spring and looks like easy to make one please guide me. Thanks
  2. You can also check there website Makermag.com
  3. In Brazil there is a company who make parts for old pfaff and other machines ,try them hopefully they have it. marketing@makermaq.com.br there email,
  4. I still have to make a slot on top of the mount so front plate sit behind the mount.
  5. I made the front mount,will figure out the front cover trying to upload the pictures of mount I made.
  6. Hello All, I have Pfaff 191post bed sewing machine i found this machine from a shoe making company they want to throw it in the metal bin this machine missing feed dog arm,feed dog,throat,pins,front and side cover,outside holding bracket for post ,after searching almost 2 years i found feed dog and arm,i made my own pins,made side cover,i am now ready to make front cover which have a screw with the jam nut what this screw actually do and how far is this screw from the top if i can get the some measurement of the front cover i can make this plate, I am also facing some issues when i installed the feed dog arm with the feed dog it sits almost 7mm far away from the needle please help me.Thanks
  7. Hello All i wondering if there’s Chinese clone for Pfaff 191 post bed sewing machine.
  8. Any china clone for Pfaff 191-194 maybe i can use parts from clone machine hopefully cheaper then oem parts.
  9. Thanks a lot for the contacts i have sent them my list hopefully i will get these parts. I am in Calgary.
  10. Hello All, I have a pfaff 191 post bed machine i am missing all the parts from the post,i did try most of online stores and local stores but no luck can any one please help me to find these parts here is the list of the parts i am looking.for 91-010165,91-010896,91-048300-93 or 91-048131-04,91-058258-04,91-000422-25,91-047858-04,91-010964-91,91-048377-04,91-000089-15,91-047143-04,91-048138-04,91-047061-04,91-048122-04,91-047054-04,91-012453-45,91010950-91 is there any china machine math to pfaff 191. Thanks
  11. I did send them email waiting for there reply, hopefully they will send me something.
  12. Hello All, I am looking for Techsew 810-2 post bed twin needle sewing machine overhaul (engineering service)manuals I got this machine used,left hand side bottom gear was replaced by me now I need instructions how to install left side post correctly and time it please any one can help me with the manuals, even golden wheel CS820 repair manuals will work for this machine. Thanks
  13. Hello All, I had lots of other issue with this machine which i now able to fix with the help of members here, I am having trouble with auto reverse feed lever there is no spring tension on the lever when, Ii set the stitch length by the diel pin does not touch the cam which move the lever updown been reading manual and trying to set it but no luck can anyone please help me with this issue. Thanks
  14. Hello Constabulary, Thanks for your reply, i did try with the reverse lever all the down,stitch look good then i try to run the machine when lever all the way up stitch was very nice and leather feed through,now i know some settings are off on reverse feed lever,if you have any better idea to fix it please let me know. Thanks
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