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  1. 4th prototype, 1st made in leather. I need to refine my edge finishing on the round ears. Tx for everyone's help, Yves
  2. I have been playing with the designs suggested previously, shortening the neck. Seeing Monicaj origami help me understood, finally. For some weird reason, I assumed that the ears were crossing (left to right, right to left). I will refine my pattern and built a few prototype to refine the keyfob. I will work with Northmount's design. NVLeatherWorx makes a good point about optimizing leather usage. I appreciated all the help I received. Merci, Yves keyfob shorter neck.pdf
  3. I have tried with both design suggestions a couple of time but I must be doing something incorrectly because I am not seeing it. If you haven't discarded them already NVLeatherWorx, could you take a picture of your trial? Truth be told, my problem could be that I haven't got enough leather under my belt to tackle this project. Tx for your help, Yves
  4. Thank you, I have tried both design. I did not think of using a thicker leather to get a smoother loop over. I will try that tonight. Tx Yves
  5. Hopefully Thor, I soon as I sober up, I should be able to figure it out.
  6. It similar to where I was going, I had the antenna/tab crossing more like an X. I will printout your suggestion and play with it. Thank you.
  7. Well Tony, if you do I will buy one from you!!! In the mean time, I am cutting individual pieces as I see them and I will assembled them with a hotglue gun, I should be able to figure it out before the new year.
  8. You are 100% correct, they go for 20$ usd but they are sold out. That would have been my first intention.
  9. Roq, I am sorry, I must be thick (I am from Canada, so I can't even pretend I had to much to eat/drink yesterday). I have printed your suggestion, I am trying to fold the piece with the "antenna" but I don't get it. I still think it is made from one piece of leather. I have included a front and back pics.
  10. I did a search for Tboice but did not come up with anything. Can you make it a url link? I could browse his wall. Tx
  11. Good day, Relatively new to leather working. I saw this key chain that I like because it is made from one piece of leather (I think). I am trying to come up with a similar version on paper but I have a hard time coming up with the solution. Looking at the pictures, I think that the 2 main rectangular portions should be at some angle to one another (45-60 degrees). I must be missing something to come up with a working pattern. Any suggestion(s)? Tx Yves
  12. Thank you Bruce for your advice. For the top roller, I think your ultimate suggestion to make it smooth makes perfect sense, I have played with tension and in order for the leather to feed, it still leave mark but a few passes with the burnisher smooths most of the mark out. I wrapped a couple "lobster claw" elastics around it, that eliminated the marks completely. I have been trying different blade angles, I did take apart and lube everything so the blade moves well. The spring tension was initially set to its maximum setting, your suggestion of lowering that pressure made everything a lot better. I was able to get a skive of 3/4" but I still get a scallop edge on it. But that could be from some gear being worn out. Yves
  13. Good day, I was given this small skiver when people around me found out I wanted to start working with leather. It is an American St Louis model B. I sharpened the blade and reinstalled it, tried to feed a piece of 7 once leather but in order for the wheel to pull the leather, It leaves marks on the lesther. I found some illustrations and pics of that machine but nothing on adjustments and how to run pieces of leather without ruining them. If any one can point me in the right direction I would appreciate. It does however makes for a lovely weight to keep a door open. yves
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