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  1. not sure it would be able to handle 5-6mm thick leather though, i have tried mahcine shops, tool and die shops, tool shops just haven't found one willing to make it yet. with nothing in my area having to do everything via phone or e-mail is time consuming. was just hoping for an easier. thanks for everybodies help cory
  2. would a 1/4 crew punch give the same look or more of a square finish cory
  3. tried the 1/4 bag punch results were ok but not what i am looking for. i e-mail some other makers who had better holes and they seem to have had theirs custom made. anybody know someone who could make a 2x6mm rectangle punch, i asked a local blacksmith but he said no hehe. cory
  4. dealt with them twice now and the service has been great no matter who i talk or how specific my needs/demands are they have been great fast reply's and have sent me some nice leathers. cory
  5. thanks guys i wilhave a look at those osbourne punches. cory
  6. i am looking for a punch to make 6mm rectangles like the ones in the strap pictured. http://inlinethumb61.webshots.com/43772/2068580800105067276S500x500Q85.jpg
  7. the strap cutter definatly works better on certain types of leather, thin, stretchy, upholstry leathers don't seen to work as well. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=2532389&rid=2003 i use a similar method to the 1 in this tutorial, i cut my strips wider than i need and then trim them to size once glued, with softer leather having it doubled/lined it keeps it from stretching, and makes my edges better. using a utility knife take some practice aswell, just make sure its sharp.alos make sure your ruler has a cork backing.
  8. i think the pigskin is split. but you are probably better off getting straight from tandy. i tried to figure out a cost thatwas fair but factoring in shipping its cheaper to get it from tandy. i can get you the product codes from tadny of what i have. cory
  9. http://www.cancart.net/quietfiredesign.ca/...category_id=534 sells it by the yard not sure if there is a limit or not but i bought some in 25 yards. canadian site in canadian dollars, for you canadians( yes i used canadian way too much there ) cory
  10. 30us + actual shiping from canada probably like 25us. make me an offer if it doesn't sound fair, would consider trades 5-6oz oil tanned hides. 22 square feet cory coryp@vianet.ca or 1-705-753-1218
  11. still have that chromed tan hide 35 us +25 us for shipping. just seems like its wasting away in my workshop.
  12. jim thanks for all the info. thanks for taking some of your time in helping. using surgical gloves has helped with pulling needles through, i think i am using 0 or 000 sized needles the smallest ones from tandy, i will try and get bit bigger ones it would probably help. one last question would u still suggest an awl with supper soft leathers, since most of the stuff i use isn't tooling type leather i have problems with my softer leather with it pulling my glued pices apart sometimes or distorting the leather . this might be due to awl sharpness though .
  13. here is my try with the awl , 7per inch, grooved line, 3ply thread from mainthread. i am a bit afraid to run a deep groove due to the 5oz leathers(doubled) i have not seem much leather work so i am not sure if this is acceptible or should i make my holes smaller/bigger . i use a spacer on my awl to keep my depth consistent. the backside didn't turn on great my groove was shallower and i have bad lighting /shadows etcc in my work area. tips always welcome
  14. the problem i have with the awl 1 is practice hehe but 2 is i am not sure how big to make my holes i am using 3, 4 sometimes 7 cord thread , with the small holes i find it hard to pull the needle through , i don't want to use pliers everytime. are my holes too small maybe?, if i make them a bit bigger the awl holes shoe too much and i don't like the look. i like that idea of using a wire, i had though about using stitching awl (without the thread) just for making the holes. if you could psot a pic of you wire tool i can see about making 1. cory
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