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  1. My 17 year old son put it on. BECAUSE he actually has some experience using leather sewing machines (not a CB 4500) for making chaps and repairing tack...AND because he is a lot stronger than I am and it was easier for him to do. I was standing right there, but occupied with reading the manual trying to discern what we were going to mess up next that I could ask irritating questions about on leatherworker.net.
  2. thank you, and no, I need to be told every lil detail. The only sewing i have ever done was on plain ol fabric sewing machine in home ec class.
  3. thank you! I have learned a lot by reading through lots of your posts, btw.
  4. Thanks Bob, was just trying to avoid bothering you on the phone again yesterday, Remind me not to ask questions on this board again. sheesh. ha The handwheel was loose, like you suspected...but I'm still getting stuff tangled in the bobbin. Im workin' on it...
  5. looked for a way, but nothing looks adjustable from the motor mount, really...but probably just total lack of knowing what to look for/try
  6. The simplest of tasks, I'm sure, but I didn't install the belt that drives the handwheel on my new, never sewn a stitch with, Cowboy 4500 so don't know how to remove it. I need to take the handwheel off to make sure the screws are aligned with the V-groove. But, I can't take it off without removing the belt. There has to be an easier way to take the belt off and put it back on than it seems? I have read the directions and searched the archives (maybe I'm not doing that right, I just joined), and can't find anything. Just need to take it off, check the wheel, and put it right back on. Thank you
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