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  1. To be honest I was recovering from heart surgery two weeks prior. Due to the timing of the trade show, I didn't have much choice. They were close by and it saved on shipping cost, (I didn't know at the time if was something I had done.) All that said none of that was their fault. They actually walked out to the vehicle with me, inspected the machine, hauled it into the trade show, got me and the wife into the show. They explained to us what the issue was, but by that time I was hurting pretty bad, I remember it was minor, and he could tell I was hurting so rather than making me wait for them to fix it, they just gave me a new machine and sent us on our way. I have used it almost daily since then with no issues.
  2. Forgot i posted this. Called Leather Machine Company, they were doing a trade show close by. Brought the machine in, turned out it was the machine. They replaced it! best customer service! A+
  3. I have a Cobra class 4 sewing machine, was hoping it was going to do everything I was going to make. Few years later I'm starting to need a machine for wallets and watch bands. I use leathers between 2 to 5 oz either split or skived down. Was thinking about a Juki 1508, huge cost but a solid machine, of course, the salesman is pushing the most expensive. Looking for suggestions; good machine lower price. I know, I know the subject has been most likely been covered a thousand times but I cruised the topics and didn't see a topic that seemed to fit. Not sure what I'm going to end up with, but I need something...
  4. My machine was working fine, then the top thread snapped. I tried pulling out more top thread and notice the tension was so tight the thread couldn't move. I tried loosening it but no matter how much I turn it it won't adjust until after I sew for a second then it adjusts to either very loose or to tight, with no in between. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, any suggestions?
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