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  1. Wondering too if you're still making burnishers...I tried to pm, but no success. :(

  2. are they still for sale?

  3. Are you still producing these. If so I would like to order a few right away. Thanks

  4. Hi....

    it is possible you can send me some Tools from You to Germany,i make Knife and Leathersheat,and other Leatherwork ( www.arnobuck.de )

    greats from Germany


  5. I am still making the burnishers, I am using cocobolo now which is abeautiful dense oily wood which works very well for burnishing. Standardburnishers come with 4 coves (7/16",11/32", 1/4", 5/32"), I can varythe widths to whatever you require. I can also make the larger coveswith flat bottoms for stacked and sanded edges with flat areas. I canadd additional coves for $4 each. Check out my "About Me" page on leatherworker.net for more info and to see photos (http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showuser=7360)
  6. I can make a burnisher with a 1/2" shaft, and you can use a shaft coupler to attach it to the buffer. I've not had any feedback on attaching it this way, so I'm not sure how concentric (wobble-free) the tip is, but it's probably pretty good with a quality coupler, as I'm using machined drill rod for the shaft. I've also had guys get a drill chuck that threads onto the motor shaft, which then lets them just chuck up the burnisher. Check the speed on your motor before buying for this application, higher speeds (especially 3450 rpm motors) risk burning the leather, I've had most people report success with slower speeds.
  7. Ahh, that's my problem then. Thanks!
  8. When I send a PM, it doesn't end up in my "sent" box. I've sent dozens of PMs, but none are saved. Is this an option I need to enable somewhere? Or is it a bug of some sort? My inbox works fine, but it would be really nice to have all the messages I've sent too. Can anyone help? Scott
  9. The stubby burnisher is sold pending payment! Current orders are in production now, you'll get a confirmation email when your burnisher(s) ship. Thanks to everyone for the interest, I'm glad I can provide a good tool for other craftsmen!
  10. Paid orders to date are completed and shipped, if you have an outstanding order expect a confirmation email tonight with your tracking number. These orders were delayed a few days when I found some of the shafts I had prepared to use were not quite perfectly round and/or straight, which meant they didn't always chuck up true. To remedy this, I have switched to using 3/8" drill rod, which is machined perfectly straight and round, and is better steel. Unfortunately, it is slightly more costly and takes a longer process to prepare each shaft. I'm not making these with a profit margin built in, so I have to add the increased cost to the price of the burnishers. The new price is $40 shipped within the US. I feel the increased quality and precision more than makes up for the difference, as I am now getting repeatable runout measurements of 15 thousandths of an inch or less (usually less) at the base of the small point. All of the orders that shipped today have the new shafts in them, and they work very well.
  11. It's just epoxied in. A good epoxy joint is stronger than the wood itself, and should work just fine for loose tool handles as well. If the pieces can come apart, rough up the joining surfaces to increase the mechanical bond.
  12. Peter - that *just might* be the same one I made for you =D I'm glad it's working well for you! I appreciate the feedback on speeds, it's very useful to have that info. It's interesting how diameter affects speed of the burnisher, I could easily produce a burnisher that would work on a higher speed grinder by reducing the diameter of the tool. A 3/8" tool at 3450 rpm would have the same edge speed as a 3/4" tool at 1725. Using the smaller areas of my current burnisher might work on faster motors, or you could request smaller sizes and steps out near the end.
  13. Johnny, got your payment, I should have it sent out to you by the end of the week. Marie, I'm not exactly sure which burnisher you're referring to, but I can probably make whatever it is. I'll send you a PM to discuss it further.
  14. The shaft extends 4" into the burnisher - almost all the way to the shoulder of the small point.
  15. I did finally get some burnishers made and tested, and they work great. I make them from Indian Rosewood, which is nice and dense and oily, like most rosewoods. I have a thread up in the marketplace where you can buy them: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=15051 I also have some rosewood hand burnisher/folder/creaser/rub sticks there as well that Peter K suggested. I love custom work, so if you have other ideas just let me know!
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