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  1. G'day all! I just got a Singer 211a566aa,by any chance is anyone have an operation manual for it? Thank you very much Bill :))
  2. Hi I found the name,it's called Power Mallet.com,check it out,I think I'll be pretty cool to use that,except for the price,the whole kit is a 1000$.... :((
  3. G'day guys! I got my hand on this hand press,anyone know where I can find the dyes for it? Please!!!!! ;))
  4. I'm in Gosnell WA! ;)) And yes,help is welcome from anywhere!! ;))
  5. Where do you find the old stock?
  6. Hi Yetibelle! i head a look on the part list for the 42-5 and there are more than one shuttle and bobbins with different numbers for it,witch one is the right one? Are they for different materials/thikness? If so witch one would I need for leather? I tried and put some pics on here but it only accepts 1.4 MB...... what to do??? Thanks! ;)) I think I need the whole thing!!! Ill be wonderful if u can help! Thanks again! Bill ;))
  7. G'day Dave! May I know where did you find the case and bobbin for your 42? I have a 42-5 that's missing that,and the tension assembly! Thanks mate! Bill ;))
  8. G'day good people! this must be the righ place to put this, like I sad before,I have a Singer 42-5 and a 107W-1,unfortunately they both missing somethings,the 42-5 it's missing the bobbin and case+tension assembly,the 107W-1 it's missing the whole base,hook,bobbin and case and the tension assembly,if anyone can help it would be nice! Thank you all! Bill ;)) i try and put some pics in this but they probably to big,sorry
  9. G'day guys! I'm new here,I got no idea on how to work this,tags,topics thinghy,sorry,I just got myself a 42-5 but unfortunately she's missing the long beak bobbin assembly and the tension assembly,could anyone of you guys give me a hand to find the missing parts? Thanks for any help!!
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