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  1. Billosauro

    Singer 211a566aa

    Thank you very much!
  2. Billosauro

    Singer 211a566aa

    G'day all! I just got a Singer 211a566aa,by any chance is anyone have an operation manual for it? Thank you very much Bill :))
  3. Billosauro

    Electric Tooling

    Hi I found the name,it's called Power,check it out,I think I'll be pretty cool to use that,except for the price,the whole kit is a 1000$.... :((
  4. Billosauro

    Hand press

    G'day guys! I got my hand on this hand press,anyone know where I can find the dyes for it? Please!!!!! ;))
  5. Billosauro


    I'm in Gosnell WA! ;)) And yes,help is welcome from anywhere!! ;))
  6. Billosauro


    Where do you find the old stock?
  7. Billosauro


    Thank you Glenn I'll try that!
  8. Billosauro


    Hi Yetibelle! i head a look on the part list for the 42-5 and there are more than one shuttle and bobbins with different numbers for it,witch one is the right one? Are they for different materials/thikness? If so witch one would I need for leather? I tried and put some pics on here but it only accepts 1.4 MB...... what to do??? Thanks! ;)) I think I need the whole thing!!! Ill be wonderful if u can help! Thanks again! Bill ;))
  9. Billosauro

    SInger 42 Class - Any opinions?

    G'day Dave! May I know where did you find the case and bobbin for your 42? I have a 42-5 that's missing that,and the tension assembly! Thanks mate! Bill ;))
  10. Billosauro

    Singer 42-5

    G'day good people! this must be the righ place to put this, like I sad before,I have a Singer 42-5 and a 107W-1,unfortunately they both missing somethings,the 42-5 it's missing the bobbin and case+tension assembly,the 107W-1 it's missing the whole base,hook,bobbin and case and the tension assembly,if anyone can help it would be nice! Thank you all! Bill ;)) i try and put some pics in this but they probably to big,sorry
  11. Billosauro


    G'day guys! I'm new here,I got no idea on how to work this,tags,topics thinghy,sorry,I just got myself a 42-5 but unfortunately she's missing the long beak bobbin assembly and the tension assembly,could anyone of you guys give me a hand to find the missing parts? Thanks for any help!!