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  1. Ill take #15 if its still available to sell... ill message ya.
  2. I just bought some snaps and have gone through about 5 before one actually turned out nice enough to function... I have sourced some tensioners as well...not the same as what I have but they are close enough and look good. Also, still havent found the clips at a cheap enough price to make them worth buying. Know of any under $2 a pair??
  3. I prefer metal as those tend to stay on my many different belts and also in my athletic shorts. I have had many people tell me struggles they have had with the 24 snaps. What tool seems to work the best? I have never tried my hand with them so I would like to waste as few as possible... I will look into Tandy and see what they have. Thanks! USMCLoneWolf
  4. Hey there, Been a while since I tried my hand at the leather hobby but have been doing tons of research and testing and some of my buddies want tensioners and IWB clips or straps. I like clips myself but its hard to find them at a reasonable price...anyone source them from a reputable business or person? Any help or direction would be great!!! Thanks!! USMCLoneWolf
  5. Hey guys, wanting to make my dad a We The People holster but I'm curious how and if there is a stencil available to put on the leather...please help!!
  6. Thats a great idea!! I shall for sure draw something up!! Thanks for the input!! Semper Fi as well! USMCLoneWolf
  7. So after hearing all your thoughts, I have decided to change my design(in my head) a bit. Seems like the only concern with people making them is with the spine and the small chance someone falls or is pushed down... what if the holster has to be offset due to design(cant angles a bit more vertical)???
  8. Not trying to be rude or anything, more devils advocate, but I would like to see the lawsuits against the larger gun holster manufacturers that made and make sob holsters. I can say that i have never seen or heard of such lawsuits. Not doubting that someone has tried but certainly none have succeeded that i know of. Thanks!
  9. For sure!! I have seen that occur in a couple people...but they are paying customers so I feel I must oblige... but I totally get that. Thanks!!
  10. Hey Ya'll, I have had a couple friends who want s.o.b. holsters. Does anyone have a pattern I could use or any idea of how to draw one up?? Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  11. Ya I would be super interested in that! Ill send you a message. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the advice!! Still super new to this whole leather working and really know nothing!! I really appreciate the knowledge!! I will make sure I expect that to happen again on my next few. If you had to recommend a cheap but decent quality leather, what would you suggest?? Thanks!!
  13. Awesome!!! I will have to try that out! Never occured to me to do that!! Like I said...still new to this whole thing!!
  14. There was no top coat or dye at all. It was natural hide. Im still learning so it was the cheap stuff from Hobby Lobby. .http://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Leather-Crafting/Leather-Pieces/Natural-Leather-Tooling-Belly/p/142072 Nothing fancy at all...
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