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  1. Biltwell offers several different styles of seat pans with foam. They have cafe, challenger, thin line solo, banana, etc. Their prices seem a little high to me, but the foam is already attached and shaped.
  2. http://hongye-metal.en.alibaba.com/product/1307751044-201158809/metal_snap_fastener_metal_buttons_with_logo.html the above web page was the only thing i could find. 100 set min. ordering from China. If you use them post if they're any good.
  3. That looks like a pull snap. Ohio Travel Bag has them. part # 2110 on page 26 of the online catalog. ken
  4. LOL ok i see it now...nice design did you use a "thonging" chisel? ken
  5. Very Nice! the letters of Papa Clutch really jump out at you! Beautiful birds. are they just finger cuts, or is there some beveling as well? (picture is a little small for my bad eyes to see that much detail) As always, your work is top notch. ken
  6. Not sure if you still need the green zebra... but i just found some at triggleather at this link on the bottom of the page...not very pretty, but it is green zebra. ken
  7. mendedbowl


    Hello Big D, I'm not a tattoo artist, but I have been interested in tattooing leather also. A while back, there were a few posts on this forum that showed some tattooed leather work, and I asked questions then, in hopes of maybe buying a cheap tattoo machine (for leather only). I wasn't able to gather enough information on the techniques used, so my attention moved on to other projects. Having worked with leather and leather dye, but never using any tattoo ink, I can only guess that the results of ink against bare leather would be similar. I wonder if you were to seal the surface of the leather with a water repellent sealer before tattooing, would that prevent the ink that pools on top of the skin during the tattoo process from staining the surface? I would suggest that you try a series of experiments using sealed and unsealed veg tan and chrome tan leathers, different sealers (maybe even liquid latex). I would try the veg tan leather dry, oiled, lightly damp with water, and soaking wet. I hope you find the right technique, and I hope you're willing to share the results of any experiments. ken
  8. is crush crush the name of the etsy store?
  9. if you are only needing something simple to hold a mask, maybe a strap around your head just above the brow and another going from front to back across the top would be enough. it would be very simple to rivet together or make adjustable. but if you really want a helmet like the one in your link, you will need to wet form pieces of leather. thin leather soaked in water is very stretchy and can be molded. when it dries it tends to hold the shape. your biggest problem would be constructing a mold that fits the shape you wish to achieve. wood forms are good because you can nail your leather to it (around the edges that will be trimmed off later) to hold your leather while you stretch and mold it as it dries. let it dry completely before removing. ken
  10. Kumusta ka na welcome to the site. i think you'll find lots of good help here. ken
  11. If you're wanting to make your own, maybe this tutorial by Kevin King will help some. wallet guts ken
  12. Hello Lorenzo, here are a few links that may be what you're looking for. the first is a plain silver ferrule. link 1 this next link has nice engraved ferrules in different sizes and shapes. link 2 this site has lots of silver. the ferrules are on page 3 of the silver trim section. link 3 hope that helps some. ken
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