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  1. Back to the original topic, who can give a definite answer as to what the machines are that Uwe and I have, and can someone tell me how to thread the thing so I can use it? We all know that there are many companies that have made them and that there are Chinese knockoffs still produced, but there has to be someone that can add some additional insight like what MikeSC added. I don't plan on selling my machine as it likely has way more sentimental value than monetary, but I am curious what it may be worth? Thanks again to those helping point us to a make and model for these machines.
  2. Thanks for sharing Uwe, maybe we can get this resolved.
  3. I have been looking for a while now and have only seen three other machines very similar to this one, a patcher an an Hengstenberg base. The question is, who made the patcher and does someone have a threading diagram for it? It has markings that make me want to think it is a Bradbury, but the image of the factory on my machine with 4 high walls does not match the Bradbury pictures I have seen. This machine was my dad's and I have used it in the past, but since he is now gone I don't know how to get it set up to sew. Thanks
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