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  1. Mattsbagger

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Yep because someone somewhere did it and sued someone. I say remove all warning labels and let things sort themselves out.
  2. Mattsbagger

    Workshop build

    I didn’t think OSB was very waterproof. If it’s the same as in the states basically sawdust and glue.
  3. Mattsbagger

    Soft lowers

    Did you check the motorcycle section?
  4. Mattsbagger

    Black leather dye

    I don’t use Tandy leather either. I use Pro Dye from Fiebings and Wickett and Craig. Even when I did use Tandy I never had what you’ve been having.
  5. Mattsbagger

    Black leather dye

    I’ve had rub off but never been able to see natural color. Sounds like the dye isn’t soaking in. Try using deglazer on a small piece and see if the dye soaks into the leather then. Some Tandy leather has a “coating” on the top to make it look better.
  6. Mattsbagger

    Finishing Edges

    You have to wet edge on veg tan. Or you can’t burnish.
  7. Mattsbagger

    Where to buy dyed veg tan?

    They will also re dye the back after its split.
  8. You need to post pics in the for sale section so people can see what you have.
  9. Mattsbagger

    Steps for wet forming

    Pro dyes pigment is oil based. Hence why originally they were called “Oil Dye”. The carrier is still alcohol. They changed the name because it caused confusion. That’s why they changed to “Pro Dye”. 90% of the time I use an airbrush to dye. I only use Pro Dye as it works best for me. Dyeing is an art more than a science. Different hides or even different parts of a single hide will dye differently. That’s why I prefer the airbrush. I can layer on dye till I get the color I want.
  10. Mattsbagger

    double cap rivet but flat and solid

    If you don’t use the setter and domed anvil just a flat anvil and flat faced hammer you can get flat double cap rivets.
  11. Mattsbagger

    What kind of rivet is this?

    A double cap rivet. When they set it they didn’t set the base of the rivet on the domed base. They did use the domed setter for the top. Sometimes people call them rapid rivets also.
  12. Mattsbagger

    How to Sharpen a "Low Angle Blade"?

    Peter is on quite a few leather pages and comment quite often. You might be able to contact him through Facebook also.
  13. Mattsbagger

    Smooth edge question.

    I use tap water and a piece of canvas mostly. With the wood burnishers you have to make sure you round the edge over with an edger first. I also lightly sand if they are rough to start. Also have to make sure using correct “notch “ on the burnisher. Or you’re not getting full contact.
  14. Mattsbagger

    Getting out - too busy

    I have photo resizer app on my iPhone.
  15. Just plain BEAUTIFUL.