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  1. I ended up getting the line 20 and 24 Barry King setters. They work great.
  2. Just to start. The carrier in both are the same. Alcohol. The difference is the pigment base. In the Pro dye it’s oil based in the regular it’s a powder. I have better luck with the Pro as the pigment doesn’t seem to build up on the surface as much as regular. I also airbrush my dye on.
  3. It is a zipper pocket. I took a pattern and enlarged it. Then added the notes section. So like 75% my pattern. Lol Thanks I never worked with Horween I know a lot of people love it.
  4. Been a bit since I posted. Here’s a wallet 5/6 oz body 3/4oz interior. All Wickett and Craig. Black exterior saddle tan interior. Air brushed Fiebings Pro Dye. 6 spi Mid Brown Tiger Thread hand stitched.
  5. I was confused about not knowing if the guns would fit. Then I saw you were in Australia. I made my dad a belt and holster for his Peacemaker clone. Had to hope it fit as he lives a 1000 miles away. Used the El Dorado Rig pattern pack and it fit perfect.
  6. Mattsbagger

    whip stitch

    Just a plain saddle stitch should be used whenever you have a liner. Your whip stitch is gonna take a lot of abuse and break I fear. Basically I stitch the entire perimeter of holster if lined.
  7. You are gonna need a whole side to get 2 or 3 totes. This bag is 18” X 30” plus pocket and straps.
  8. The straps are double layer. I didn’t like how the test piece stitched up. So it’s glued and the edges are painted with Fenice paint. About 4 coats. And thank you.
  9. Thank you. Not using chrome tan much not super happy with the stitching.
  10. Here is what she gave me to work with. And then there were a lot of questions and pictures off the internet. Like this but not this. If ya know what I mean. Lol
  11. My daughter asked me to make he a tote bag for work. She is VERY specific about what she want. I mean VERY. Its made with the Granger Excel 4/5 oz.
  12. I saw Fiebings post a pic of it on Facebook a month or so back. They didn’t say anything just posted a picture.
  13. Looks pretty nice to me. I don’t tool but love how it looks and can appreciate the skill and work that goes into it.
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