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  1. Nope. I was looking to see if it was Lacquer based. If so sounds like Neat Lac. You could call Weaver and ask them if it’s water or Lacquer based. That be where I’d start.
  2. Most either dye or antique edges. Either way it depend on the look you are going for. Personally I would dye for a uniform edge color. Don Gonzales has a good video on doing his belts. Actually a few each focused on different areas of work.
  3. Never used one but I think it’s way to hot. I would cut temp way down and experiment on scrap.
  4. Mattsbagger

    Stamped Belt

    .8 thread and cheap amazon chisels at 6 spi. It’s much more pronounced in the pic than looking at it.
  5. Mattsbagger

    Stamped Belt

    A single layer stitched belt with skulls and a backgrounder for a guy at work.
  6. Mattsbagger


    That is epic. Just perfection! Enough said.
  7. Mattsbagger

    Pattern For A Beretta Px4 Storm Full Size

    @Dwight emailed one he drew up. With instructions on how to assemble as it was my third holster and slightly different construction than a “simple” pancake style.
  8. Mattsbagger

    A little hardware help

    I have the BK setters and use the with Tandy snaps. Set and work great.
  9. Mattsbagger

    Burnishing - how many RPM?

    My Harbor Freight drill press is running at its slowest speed. It’s the small bench top one. It works just fine with a 1.5 inch burnisher. When I use it. Mostly just use canvas and water now because rarely do I use leather thicker than 5oz.
  10. They are Tandy Pro chisels I think it is 7spi. these are the ones I use mostly.
  11. Mattsbagger

    New airbrush station.

    It has a screen and a few filters to catch particles. Basically trying to vent the fumes. It’s a weird room off the master bedroom with no door. Lol Wife has got used to me banging around running drill press and belt sander at 5am on the weekends.
  12. Mattsbagger

    New airbrush station.

    Thanks other Matt. Tried out today worked real good.
  13. Mattsbagger

    Burnishing - how many RPM?

    I’d say practice at different speeds and see what work for YOU. Since different leathers react different.
  14. Mattsbagger

    New airbrush station.

    Since we bought the house on Wednesday that have been living in for 3 years wife let me drill a 4inch hole in the wall. So now the station is bigger and always ready to use.