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  1. If the Havik dealer was more keen to replying to my messages, I would have bought one already. I am already reluctant to contact him again, really hate to feel like this if the machine needs to be repaired by him some day. Thats why I am looking for other dealers. Found this Typical dealer nearby as well, going to contact him for an appointment to see model TW3-P335. Had my eye on the Havik 335-HE model for 1600 euros, pretty much the highest I am willing to pay. At one point I thought a Pfaff would be ok for a few hundred euros extra, but if a clone works just the same and as reliable, and is cheaper, why not?
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for an industrial sewing machine to sew bags mainly, with leather or fabric or a combination of both. I have been working on clones of Pfaff 335 (Havik HA-335-SI, as seen in the 1st picture and HA-335-HE, 2nd picture) at the bag course I am following, and they both work well for me (although the SI got stuck on me once or twice and the HE is more reliable, according to my bag course teacher as well). Therefore I want to get a Pfaff 335 or a clone if it works as good as a Pfaff 335. After searching a bit on the internet, I came across the following brands for clones: -Global (My bag course teacher told me not to buy Global though, don't know what reason) -Typical -Tysew With Havik I can find a dealer nearby but the guy who sells that brand isn't helpful at all. So my question is, does anyone know if these clones are as good and reliable as the original Pfaff 335? or if you know any other brand making clones of Pfaff 335 that work just as good? Really don't want to buy a machine that breaks down often. Thanks.
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