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  1. Hi. I will be doing my first craft fair this year few weeks before Christmas. I'm wondering on your own experience what is your biggest seller on this kind fair? What I'm doing is basically this : Tote bags, vintage pencil cases, lanyards, men and women belts, dog collars and leashes , purse charms and tassels, minimalist wallet, some of my stuff can also be personalized with initials stamped on leather. Thanks for your help
  2. It works yeah!!!!! And I can easily burnish edges!!!!! I did it with an old clutched sewing machine motor. Can't post pictures tho it's too heavy
  3. HI! Thanks for your answer. I have and old industrial sewing machine motor you think I can make something like your out of it?
  4. Thanks for all your reply I will burnish it now! Thanks!
  5. Hey. I'm about to make a lots of belt and I found burnishing edges a pain in the xxx. Just wondering if in the long term it will get ugly. I will apply beeswax on the edges but not beveling nor sanding and burnish the edges. Hand burnish is painful on my hands(from old injury it's hard for me to have a good grip) and when using a dremel it burns the leather and its not even, it is also time consuming. What's your opinion?
  6. Hey, I'll be making leather iphone wallet and Im wondering whats the name of the plastic case to attach the iphone in, where can I found it and how does it hold to the leather wallet ( glued, sewed, etc.) Thank you very much.
  7. Hi. I have a really hard time trying to sew the bottom corners on my walking foot sewing machine, it gets stuck because of the bumps created by the folded piece of leather. Do you have any link on how to perform it ? The picture is for reference.
  8. Anybody have a chart about what thread size on top would fit with a different size on the bottom. ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, does finished veg tan leather ( with sheen, carnauba cream etc) will darken to give a brownish patina? I wanna make veg tan purse, but I want em to be waterproof so I have to add a finish. Just wondering if it ll age nicely ! Thanks!
  10. Great I will try it. Do you buff between each layer of resolene and how long between each application?
  11. Hello, why is the bobbin side sewing line so ugly compared to top stitching line. I'm making simple wallet and have to choose one of the two sides top stitch but that let the other side with an ugly threading line, almost makes me not wanna sell my stuff. The tension by the way is correct. Also, do I have to change tension when changing from thin to a thicker leather? If yes, do I have to change tension on both bobbin and top ? And do I have to change tension when changing thread size ? Thanks , I'm using a Pfaff walking foot 1245 triple feed. Also, I wanna change the walking foot on this machine it's too big, but cannot find the part number for a smaller feet. What I have now is 40474 and 40475.
  12. Thanks it's good to know, although resolene seems a bit over the others finishes. P.s. I'm driving an International
  13. Hi, my problem is : whatever dye finishes I use, the dye still stains on a wet cloth. I have use : carnauba cream, acrylic resolene, sheen from tandy and satin and flat finish from zeli store. All of them with 3 coating. When passing a dry cloth over my work, it doesn't stain but when rubbing a wet cloth or baby wet, the color transfer to it. The one that give me the best results is Tandy waterstains that seems to not color transfer even without finish. PS : I'm using fiebing and Tandy dye, antique and pro oil.
  14. Hello, I'm making some card holder and unfortunately dye soak thru the leather. It's veg tan leather about 1mm thick. What I tried to do to fix it is to dye on flesh side although I'm scared it could stains the business cards. Also, when sealing my work, I'm using either carnauba cream or super shene and in both products, it stains when cleaning with a damp cloth, even with two layers. It doesn't stain tho when using a dry cloth. * I'm using eco flow dye, and eco flow waterstain seems to not go through the leather Thanks for your help!
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