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  1. Hello hurkoj, Have you tried Wuta leather for patterns? I just received a couple of their patterns. They seem pretty good. http://stores.ebay.com/wutaleather?_dmd=2&_nkw=patterns. They also have great pricking irons. Including reverse! Cheers Mark2
  2. Greetings from SF. I have a small leather studio in SF (www.markhanks.net) where I make leather bags and accessories for both women and men. My focus is on the Euro style of leather craft. I hope to be able to share/gain knowledge and sources with other folks on the site. I also offer lessons, make prototypes for other designers/entrepreneurs, and do small production runs. Here are some of my projects, including some clutches where I have used an inlay technique that I have been developing lately. Happy making!
  3. I am interested. I have my own shop in SF. I am new here so am not sure about the best way to connect.
  4. Good day, My member name is Mark2. I have been working in the leather field for about 6 years now. I am a graduate of Amblard Atelier leather school in SF. I currently have my own leather studio in SF. I am interested in your teaching position and would like to discuss it more with you. I have attached some samples of my work herewith. Best Regards Mark2
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