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  1. Oh hell, send me your mistake pieces I'll pay for them. LOL. No, really I will. And by the way what stamps do you use for your basketweave?
  2. Hi there Yin, first I have to say, Beautiful work. I am not even going to ask about the leaf because it's ten years of experience beyond me. But I need to know what I am doing wrong with basketweave. I am putting in a picture that frankly I am embarrassed to put in public. First, it's on 2/3 oz leather, I know it's very thin but it's a handle wrap for a hiking stick and I just can't leave it plain. How do I keep the lines so straight? You literally don't have a crooked line in this entire cover! HOW? Thanks Mark
  3. Thread sizes COATES nylbond sizes White tkt 040 Tex 070 300 meters u1702 White tkt 020 Tex 135 1500 meters u1702 qty 2 Brown tkt 040 Tex 070 300 meters u8807 Brown tkt 020 Tex 135 1500 meters u8807 Brown tkt 040 Tex 070 300 meters u8864 Brown tkt 020 Tex 070 1500 meters u8864 Black tkt 040 Tex 135 300 meters u9500 Black tkt 020 Tex 135 1500 meters u9500 ———————————————————————————- Polyester size 69 bonded 750 yards qty 2 Bluebird 509 waxed cord 0.5 mm 100 meters brown Bluebird 509 waxed cord 0.5 mm 100 meters black Bluebird 547waxed cord 1.0 mm 100 meters green
  4. I'll get a list of sizes together and post it.. Thanks
  5. My stock of machine threads have to go. My machine died and being unemployed now is forcing me to clear out a bunch of my leather working tools, supplies and leather. Any one interested send me an offer.
  6. I am putting together a large order of Sajou Lin Cable waxed thread. If anyone needs a certain color let me know and I'll include it the order. When I get them I will be listing them on either ebay or etsy..
  7. I shop around online, like jo Ann fabrics, fabrics.com and others. If I see a pattern I like I buy a few yards and try it out. It doesn’t have to be canvas.
  8. Contact cement will bleed thru. I tried every type of glue and spray adhesive there is before I found what works. The heavy duty iron on bond works best. If an edge comes loose you just re heat with an iron and it’s stuck.
  9. Well, I finished this piece, and it's the first I'm going to sell. A simple journal cover is done with 3/4oz embossed veg tan and lined with printed lightweight canvas. The hard part was getting the dye the right way. Tried to get it to look like a real alligator belly with the lighter in the middle.
  10. You know after looking at it closely for about forever it feels like, I have to say your tooling control is amazing. The texture on the face and around the mouth is great!
  11. Here are some shots comparing Crimson 3.85, Seiwa #4 and cheap ebay 4mm
  12. I'm going to post some new shots with a ruler.
  13. Here are some larger irons and just in case someone out there is confused I threw in some lacing irons. When I get a minute I'm going to thread these pieces all with the same size thread to show the difference in hole size to thread. . Nice comparison. Thx.
  14. Okay, so maybe I'm not so dumb.. LOL
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