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  1. Could you send me the info too? I have a 267 that I need to take to a good repair shop.
  2. I got the 160 needle in but unfortunately it made no difference. Still hunting for the solution.
  3. Ok! There was a chart somewhere, can’t find it at the moment, that said this machine could only use 120-140 needles. I’ll see if I can find a 160 and try that.
  4. I’m using these ones (140) with 138 thread. It’s supposed to handle between 120-140 but it wouldn’t sew at all with the 130s in.
  5. Thank you I am using the largest one the machine can take. I think it is an adjustment issue.
  6. I have a new to me Adler 267-373, and let me preface this question with the fact that I know next to nothing about sewing machines.) I’ve looked at numerous diagrams and pictures online and I’m fairly confident that I have the machine threaded right. I cannot seem to get my stitch knot to sink into the leather. I have a very minor grasp as to how to adjust tension, but have not seen any change in the stitches when I do make adjustments. Also, when making these adjustments, my thread wants to get jammed up and then throws my timing off, forcing me to constantly reset it. It says my pictuare too large to upload but I’ll keep playing with that.
  7. Thank you! Thank you for the additional info, that helps!
  8. Thank you but I’ve already read every thread on here regarding the machine. There actually isn’t very much info.
  9. Anyone else have feedback on the 105?? Or any other suggestions on machines to look into? What about the Cobra 26?
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I'll check into them
  11. I’ve been researching machines (first time buyer) and am utterly overwhelmed. I mainly do purses (total of 6-12 oz) and other small goods. I was told an Adler 105 would be good? I found a nice 105-64 near(ish) (5 hrs away). Would this be a good machine?
  12. Just found you on FB and Instagram! Your bags are super nice, and thank you for the advice. I think I’ll take your suggestion and just warn a buyer beforehand that this might not be an “every day” kind of bag and tell them how to care for it. I’d love to come by your shop sometime, I’ll have to plan a trip to your side of the state! Chelsea
  13. Question. Has anyone made a purse completely out of hair on cowhide? I was told that the hair will rub off where it rubs against my hip. And I know this did happen to a friend of mine. So does it happen to every purse or was that a fluke?
  14. This tutorial was super, super helpful. I'm curious as to what size and brand of tools you use on the tooling? Thanks!
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