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  1. So I need some suggestions or advice about some belts. I gonna get a servo motor for my Singer 111w153, however I don't have a clue what length or size to get. Much appreciated!!
  2. So I found this Singer 111w153 only the head for $300 total. Is that a good buy or just look around?
  3. So I came across on a Singer 151W1, I dont know much about them nor seen any videos on them. What do you think about this sewing machine?
  4. So was I wondering, does the Singer 111w153 sew through leather and what extent would it go? What kind of projects and you see doing with this sewing machine?
  5. Wow!!! That looks like a tank! Thank you for showing me. Thank you all for giving me some insight and suggestions! Much appreciated!
  6. I see I see! Thank you! What do you recommend if was looking of vintage Singer sewing machine?
  7. I was wondering about the Reliable Barracuda before. What do you think about them?
  8. Yes I've been looking through for reviews, but very few that I've seen. Its tough because I don't have much space and the size of the Sailrite is perfect. I just don't think I can accommodate the table for the 1508.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion!!! I was looking at Sailrite's Leather sewing machine and I was wondering what is your take on that machine or just in general!
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