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  1. Jimbob, You've basically got two choices for closures ( there are other choices but IME these are best for motorcycles), either use a zipper or use several snap closures. One thing to keep in mind you get a lot more wind on a bike so the chaps should close as far down the leg as possible. Also, as far as not having a horse...I'm sure several people on here could help you with that, I know I've sure got a couple more than I want lol Hope this helps David
  2. I have never seen buckstitching that I liked...until now. That is just awesome. David
  3. I knew I should have been in the band.
  4. The only thing that has been missed is breaking down new boots before polishing. Saddle soap, hot water and a stiff bristled scrub brush. Scrub like you've never scrubbed in your life, the boot will be a greyish color when it's ready to start polishing. Start with a thick coat of polish and buff with a boot brush, then start with the instructions from Barra. One trick we used to use on Fridays ( we used to break our boots down and re shine every weekend) was to put rubbing alcohol on a cloth and gently wipe down the boots it would extend the life of the shine for a day or two but you couldn't get a good shine again until you broke the boots down ( cleaned off a layer or two of polish to get all the alcohol off). I've even seen people cut their polish with alcohol and I've seen the can's lit on fire then put out ( by putting the lid back on the can) and only using the polish while it was still in liquid form. The best cloth I've found for the job was cloth baby diapers, in fact we were issued two diapers when I was in boot camp just for spit shining. David
  5. happy birthday

  6. According to some folks who have been there recently, the saddles used in this part of the world still closely resemble the ones in these photos. Did you happen to see any saddles in use while there? David
  7. Could I have access to that portion as well? Thanks David
  8. I have seen large size horse halters used as dog harnesses so that may be a quick place to get an idea of size and shape etc. I know it's not ideal but I figure it's probably something you have laying around that you can get your general deminsions from. Hope this helps David
  9. Apparently it can, remember the thread about the vegan lady who wanted to be tanned when she died? I think she meant for it to be some kind of protest but I just thought it was funny. David
  10. I also saw someone looking for a how to video, so maybe if you started with the guns then you could branch out into videos/books as well. Looks like a substantial investment but once established I think it could work for you. david
  11. Echo4V

    half seat

    Here's a link (maybe the one already mentioned) that another member here shared with me. Don, took detailed step by step photos of him building his sam stagg rigged half seat saddle and, took time to explain what he did while building it. David http://shootists.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=2231386
  12. Here is what is left of the wagon... What you can't see is that both axles are completely broken free of the box. The seats are broken free from the box and the springs front and back are broken. I went by on my way home friday and talked to the guy who was driving the wagon when it got hit. He confirmed that the jenny had to be put down and he let me see the jack. Now were talking almost 20 hours after the accident and the Jack was still so scared he wouldn't get within touching distance and I could still see a lot of white in his eyes. Physically he looks like he'll heal up fine, mentally I think he's fried. It seems like the wagon and the donkeys absorbed all the impact because the guys in the wreck all went back to work on Friday. David
  13. So I live a couple miles from a livestock auction barn and the owners of the barn occasionally end up with some sort of equines. Whenever the get them they train them to pull a wagon and then sell them. Not a bad idea for a side business right? Well recently they have got hold of a pair of donkeys and they have these donkeys pulling an amish built wagon ( it looks like the wagon that they used for a chuck wagon in the movie the cowboys). The problem is that the people are evidently just plain stupid. They drive this wagon on blacktop roads ( two and four lane roads) at night with no running lights at all. They do have one of those emergency reflective triangles nailed to the back of the wagon. I saw them a couple of weeks ago at 9 pm on a hwy ( in 55 zone) with only the reflector on their wagon. They told me they got caught out later than planned due to some thing or other ( I forget why now) so I followed them home with my flashers on. I own horses and have for 25 yrs so I understand unexpected things happen right, so I helped my neighbor out. I did tell them their wagon was hard to see in the dark and they needed lights on the back. Well to make a long story longer, I ran into that wagon again last night. Good news, they had a light on the back of the wagon. Bad news, it was a very tiny (solar charged) sidewalk light like you stick in the ground next to your sidewalk at the house. More bad news 9 pm driving the wagon on a state road ( in a 45 zone) ford ranger came over a hill (just in front of me) and the wagon was on the other side of the hill. The guy in the ranger rear ended the wagon so hard it knocked the donkeys down and the wagon ran over one and drug her a good 15 ft down the road into the ditch. Ranger was totaled, the motor was through the firewall and dash and in the floorboard and seat of the truck. When I got there I naturally got out and every single one of the people were looking at the damn wagon. Nobody had even thought about the donkeys. First I asked if anyone was hurt, they said no. I said "good cause this mule damn sure is, get over here and lets get the wagon off him" I later saw they were donkeys and the wagon was on a jenny (female) I then yelled to my wife to call 911 and commenced to do what I could for the animals. Which wasn't much. So out comes the Sodbuster Jr my wife just got me and I went to town, trying to see just how fast I could ruin $500 worth of pulling harness. Got the donkey that could still stand cut loose and gave him to a guy to get out of the way, then (after I crawled under the wagon and untangled her legs) we lifted the wagon and cut any straps connecting her to the wagon. Once we got the wagon off I cut her harness off (she couldn't get up) so we could assess the damage. Everything looked ok but she was scraped and cut up pretty badly. We let her rest a little then tried to get her up. She could get up to a sitting position (like a dog sits) but she was sitting way back on her pelvis like part of her back bone was on the ground. By this time my wife and son were crying and the EMS were there so I gave my name and number to police officer and told him I had to get my son home. I figured either her hip or back was broke and she'd have to be put down and I didn't want my wife to see it. As I said, the auction barn is just down the road from my house so I'll be stopping by this afternoon to see what I can find out about the donkeys. No I don't have any pictures but I'll try to get some today when I go to check on the donkeys. Please don't drive wagons on the road after dark (especially without lights) David
  14. My wife has worked in the medical field for 7yrs or so and she told me that to be totally sure we both have to get cut. There is a slight possibility of one of the operations failing in the long run. Perhaps you should talk to the wife about it and have her done at the time of birth. As for me I have one more kid before my wife and I go under the knife. Congrats on #4. David
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