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  1. I have received my manual from Proleptic, It is much more complete than the one from the Smithsonian,which was mostly testimonials. I had hoped for something bound for $14, rather than a stack of Xeroxes, but the information is there. The manual talks a lot about the devices for waxing the thread, heated pots of molten wax through which the thread is drawn. Will it sew with dry thread? Can one use pre-waxed thread? The only leather-sewing thread I am familiar with is the pre-waxed stuff sold for use with sewing awl. Anyone have a source for needles?
  2. Thanks again for all the help and kind words. I found the manual at two places, one as a PDF from the Smithsonian Institution Library,second ordereda print copy for $14 from www.Proleptic.net. Very helpful folks at both places!
  3. Thank you all for the helpful replies and the welcome! I actually am in contact with someone who works at Campbell-Randall, and they are ceasing to support the Landis #3, so can't help at all on the "#1" Have placed a call to the Landis number... Big Sioux, where is the "Shop Talk" place you mentioned as likely to have a manual? I did not see a sub-forum here by that name, but maybe I missed it. And thanks for the heads-up about the needle bushing
  4. I rescued what appears to be a Landis #1 sewing machine from a barn, and would like to use it as an improvement over my trusty sewing awl for making knife sheaths, tool holsters, belts, straps, and slings. Can anyone direct me to a source for operating and/or parts literature? Needles? This looks lie a fantastic forum. Thanks in advance.
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