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  1. Singer 300 u205 double stitcher, chain stitch ,walking needle, bottomfeed, and rear puller for perfect French seam stitches. This machine is absolutely amazing! Also easy to use. Just been completely tuned up. Width between needles can b changed. This exact model is selling online for around $4000 I'll take $2000. Because I'm moving. Thank u!
  2. Hello again, I sent u some emails with pics, that's easier to do! Lol i would like to talk to u, my number is 4172397875 I have to move and don't want to move them. I have a fortune in all them, ill give u the whole setup for 3000 includes all I've listed on email except dtn-122. U can easily get around $15,000 out of them, I just don't have time. Please let me know immediately if u r interested, I'm storing them tonight, I have no choice. thank u!!!
  3. Yes, it is 100 percent. It is currently powered by a 3 phase motor. I am Perfectly happy swapping it out for whatever motor u want. I have a 110 or 220 I'll send pics, and the identical machines have sold on ebay and another site for $3600. I would sell it for $1000 tomorrow. If I have to move it I'm keeping it. are u close to Springfield mo?
  4. I have a singer 300u 205 double stitcher , a singer 300w 201 double stitcher , a reece keyhole machine, 2 juki keyhole machines, several single needle lockstitch machines, a couple single needle chainstitch machines. I really need to sell! Please message me with questions
  5. I actually have a 300w 201, and a 300u 205, and others, after 28 yrs I'm selling everything in my shop and moving somewhere warm. I have no idea how to sell this equipment, or who buys it fast but I can't move until it's sold. Could someone please give me some advice?
  6. Hey guy's,  my first successful post on here I hope! I'm not great online but I rock a sewing machine! I can offer a lot of sewing techniques,  and also need a little help with a few things.  Great site!

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