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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, After countless hours of online research I can find nothing about 18th century (1720-1780) (French and Indian/Revolutionary wars) leather being beveled and burnished. Was leather beveled and burnished back then, or was it just cut, sewn, and that was it; no bevel / burnishing of any kind? (Bags,straps,belts,knife sheaths) Most leather items of that period made today, show an unbeveled, unfinished edge. Have also inquired at Reverend's Big Blog of Leather but no help, as there time frame doesn't cover the middle to late 1700's, also Williamsburg, VA no reply I don’t want to do a project for that time period with a beveled edge, and later to my embarrassment, find this was not an embellishment of the day. Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks for time and help Regards,
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