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  1. Guys, as always some first rate points made well, thanks for taking the time to respond, l will update you on the progress as and when, thanks again Richard
  2. Thanks all for the comments, the samples would be three belts and matching accessories, so utility style belts for over the clothing with pouches and other accessories, so prototype samples to test prior to the initial order, fredk I tend to to think the same as you. Thanks again for your comments they're appreciated
  3. Hi all, I am working with a clothing manufacturer for a small range of leather products, he is wanting samples which he will need to pay for, my question is how do I change for the samples. I will need to purchase the materials etc, a full shoulder for example, but I will only use, a small amount for the goods. Any assistance would be much appreciated Kind regards Richard
  4. Bogwot

    Valet tray

    Nice tray
  5. Very nice work, and from N. Wales too great stuff
  6. First leather build off a new pattern, bag is handstiched, strap is machine stitched, lined with cream calf
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