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  1. Cheers guys thanks for replies.
  2. fredk Thanks for reply. What glue do you use and does it have a brush/applicator built into the lid or do you just dip in a glue brush?
  3. Do all leather glues have to be thinned so that they can be spread evenly and easily?
  4. Hi As a "newbie" I thought I would go cheap and invested my hard earned dollars in a snap setting kit from Ebay. (About $10) The tools seem sturdy enough but I do not know which tool goes with which snap.The numbers on the tools are655,633,831 and 201. The kit also includes a "female" snap setter. What the heck is that. I would be most grateful for any help.. Thanks
  5. bobpringle

    2 colour stitching

    Newbie here. How do you go about stitching with two colours? Thanks