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  1. acewoodturner

    blank leather coasters

    First post so if its been answered elsewhere, please forgive but I have searched without luck. I run a small one person business making wooden gifts which are laser-engraved or cut out on the laser. Sometimes they are engraved and then cut out. Currently I am making around about 5000 90mm dia circular coasters which are laser-engraved. There is a lot of work involved in making these , particularly with reference to the sanding, most of which is done by hand. I am struggling to keep up with the quantities required and I don't want to get into RSI in my hands. I do a fair amount of Welsh slate coasters and hope to increase the amount of these I sell. I am looking to buy in some 4mm veg tan leather coasters, 90mm in diameter or thereabouts. I bought some in from Tandy thinking the UK shop would be supplying them and was surprised to get an email telling me they were coming in from the US. They are 2.7mm thick which is too thin for my liking but will do for practice engraving. With Brexit/no Brexit on the horizon I would prefer not to have to import them Can anybody suggest a UK supplier who can sell me wholesale supplies of coasters. There is the possibility in the next year or two if the leather coasters take off I might buy a clicker press and start cutting them out myself and save a few quid that way. Many thanks Mike