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  1. I want to make a bible cover for my friend. I'm a beginner and haven't a clue where to start. What weight leather should I use? Does it need to be wet formed? Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or video?
  2. Excluding Eco-Flo, what dye brand makes the prettiest, truest purple? I'm afraid of ending up with something that looks like grape Kool-Aid. Edit: while I'm at it, does anyone know who makes a pretty teal and turquoise?
  3. I use E6000 for jewelry making and already had some, so I was just wondering.
  4. Would it be ok to use a sharp scratch awl to punch my holes for smaller things, like card cases? And is E6000 glue ok to use to glue things together before sewing?
  5. Hi. I'm sorry I ask so many questions. I google everything and use the search engine on this site for hours HOURS before asking questions. I have only been learning about leatherwork for 2months, but I feel very passionate about it, but my resources are very limited. I am permanently disabled, so my income is fixed and very low, so I'm not able to buy a lot of tools and supplies at a time or books. I would love to get ahold of all the books I've seen mentioned on this site. I've already checked out all the books in our library system that had anything to do with leather and most of them were not helpful at all. The only way I can watch video tutorials is to go to McD's parking lot and use their wifi on my phone lol. It would be nice if I had some sort of mentor that could give me a little guidence. Even though I feel very passionate about leather,. I'm starting to feel discouraged. I don't have the money to buy everything I need. I don't totally understand what I'm doing. For example;. I Bought a C.S. Osbourn diamond awl from Amazon because I seen the name mentioned on this site many times. I didn't realize the awl blades came in different sizes. The awl blade I have is 3mm wide and seems much too big for what I need it for. I want to make things like billfolds, ladie's long wallets,pocketbooks whatever you want to call them, eyeglass cases, checkbook covers, a kindle case for Mom,etc.. Can someone please recommend an awl for projects like these? And can someone please recommend the kind and size thread I should use for these projects? I ordered some 1mm nylon (I think) thread from China (through Amazon). I may not get it until sometime in February. After doing some research, I'm guessing the 1mm thread is going to be too thick for what I need it for. I'm also curious about the stitching chisels. I know most of you are against them, but on Amazon they are cheap and I figured I could use them just until I get the hang of using an awl. What size stitching chisels would I use for the projects I want to do? 3mm? Thank you for this wonderful site. I have learned a lot here so far.
  6. I love love everyone's creativity and resourcefulness. As someone with a very low income, I've always had to be creative and resourceful.
  7. Thank you. Most of the pieces are just for practice, no big deal if they get stuff. One piece is for a project though. I guess I could try neetsfooting it real good and flexing it.
  8. Im a beginner, 2 months in, was finally able to order the 2lb bag of Hermman Oak Scraps I have wanted for weeks. I was so excited to have decent leather to practice on compared to the horrible, practically raw hide scraps I have been practicing on. Because I have good leather now, I decided I was going to case my leather the "proper way", so I ran the pieces under the facet front and back, left them out on the counter to dry a little over half way, then went ahead and put them into the zip loc bag and put them in the refrigerator because I had to leave, instead of waiting until they were "just right". I figured it would be ok and that I would just set them out a while before I want to work on them. Any ways, i left the leather on the top shelf in the fridge for two day and they froze. Will this ruin the leather?
  9. I've brewed up some vinegaroon about a month ago, so it's probably ready to use. I'm going to try it on the wallet that came with the 25-30 year old Tandy beginner kit I inherited after I tool it, then sew it together. I think I should probably soak it in strong tea before I vinegaroon it since the leather is so old. The leather lace is missing from the kit and the leather sewing thread I ordered is coming from China and it will be more than a month before I get it. So I guess I'll just wax some thick nylon thread that I have with beeswax and sew it together with that. It's not like I'm giving it to someone, so it's ok that I'm not doing it the proper way. I'm just putting it together for the expirience and for the fun of it.
  10. Can you turn a scratch awl into a diamond awl with a knife sharpener and stopping?
  11. I have taken apart many old purses for the leather for the back of my Native American beadwork barrettes and medallions long before I got into leathercraft.
  12. The crosses seem a little out of place to be honest.
  13. I forgot to push the button that lets you know when people have replied, so this is what this comment is for lol
  14. I want to hear about your homemade tools and other ways you have saved money one tools and supplies. I'm am on a low fixed income and had no idea how expensive leathercraft would be when I got into it and it was too late to turn back. So I've been trying to find ways to do this and save money. I get my practice leather from the local Army Surplus Store out of a dusty old box for 3 small pieces for a dollar. Most of it is 6oz or thicker and very stiff and dry and wouldn't even be suitable for boot soles. But at least it's leather to practice on... My dad let me cut off a couple of 18" pieces of two by fours and gave me one of his C-clamps to make a stitching pony for when I'm ready to learn how to stitch. He also gave me a ceramic knife sharpener for my 28 year old hand-me-down swivel knife, so that's one less thing I have to buy. I found a large nail I could sharpen up to make a scratch awl until I can get a real one. I have some nylon thread that I had bought for another project and I have 6oz of beeswax and figured I could coat the nylon thread with beeswax and use some large embroidery needles to practice with until I can save up to get the proper supplies. I was thinking I could make my stitch holes with a very small nail and hammer until I can get an awl. how creative have you gotten?
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