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  1. Oh trust me I thought long and hard (2min) if I REALLY needed it and even said naw I already have one then he throws out the $130 price and I go errrrrrrrrrrralight!
  2. Excellent details on the thread and needles! Can you explain poor mans reverse or have a YouTube link?
  3. What castors are you using? Can you show pics of them? Thanks!
  4. I like the look of this shorter table for better storage for my machines does anyone have these can you share pics of them and how do you like them? http://atlaslevy.com/Short-Table-for-industrial-Sewing-machines_p_4610.html Thanks!
  5. So I went to go see a ZIG ZAG machine from online but he already sold it but he says I have this JUKI in the back i said meh alright lemme look. SOO it turns out to be a damn walking foot JUKI LU-562-3 ( I can't resist a good walking foot ) BUT I said naw I don't need it He said well I can let it go for $130 with table and motor ( even though when you turn the motor on it sounds like a 1950 power plant buzzing then warms up ) I said what the hell deal. Then got home and unbolted the power plant motor and tossed it. So My questions is do I really need this walking foot if I already have the Consew 206RB-2? I know the 562-3 has the small bobbin AND it doesn't have REVERSE " The "-3" subclasses lack the reverse mechanism, which allows for greater forward stitch length." But are there any pros vs the Consew? or can one be used for certain thread/leather and then another for another purpose? Thanks!
  6. Where would you recommend getting the pig skin from if not Tandy? and what should I look for in pig skin for good quality?
  7. Just ordered one today ill pick it up and give it a little test run!
  8. I bought a sample “exotic” skin pack from either Tandy or Springfield I forget and am doing some testing and LOVE the look and feel of this skin but can’t identify where it came from. I’m sure the leather experts here can identify it ASAP! Thanks!
  9. excellent!! sounds like a winner to me! what about water proofing? Resolene? or something better?
  10. Agreed on the cut down the belly part but if i make a few belts out of it I might be ok. Plus this is my first attempt so I will see how it goes.
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