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  1. Leaving the lid of the kind of glue most folks around here use is a horribly unwise idea.
  2. Yes, true. It's an easy adaptation, which for new folks like myself is very advantageous.
  3. The slot cut for the little "wing" does complicate the build slightly, but if I can pull one off, I'd recon anyone could.
  4. screw: https://www.mcmaster.com/mv1489684848/#91099a220/=16sjhzs t-nut: https://www.mcmaster.com/mv1489684848/#90973a400/=16sjhyt Then add line 24 snaps. You will not need the snap studs (the part that secures the socket), as this is replaced by the t-nut and screw. Many folks prefer pull the dot snaps, from dotfasteners.com found here: http://www.dotfasteners.com/products/?wfc_applications=687&wfc_product_brand=897 Again, with dot fasteners, you will not need the post/eyelets. You only need studs, sockets and and caps. If you are buying plain line 24 snaps from somewhere, they typically come with all the parts together. Don't forget the proper tools to seat your snaps!! I just made this one just a couple days ago, it was my first IWB holster:
  5. Thank you for that. Thus far in my very short time working with leather I've only tried two methods, and I'm eager to give this one a shot.
  6. Please disclose for fans of your edges your preferred burnishing method. Those edges look great!!!
  7. I do like those Sam A. vids. That guy needs a radio show!! I may have to dig for some other bag options, see if there is a way to eek the cost down a bit. I'm sort of a budget nazi that way.
  8. I would suspect so, there are a few hobby lobby stores around as well.
  9. What about results on hyd presses vs vacuum presses. Any input on the differences??
  10. Yikes, that's a haul!!! If you could combo the trip onto another venture maybe it would be worth it. I'm not sure I'd be up for that drive.
  11. So a basic vacuum setup looks like 90+80+bag (180). You are $350 in before incidentals and shipping. A hydraulic setup you could spend 120-180 on a press and get some foam or rubber. Prolly $220 or so. That's information I can use there!!!
  12. I went to the store in Bloomington, MN. It's pretty local to me, as well as one other. Both are within 20 minutes drive time.
  13. Vacuum vs Hydraulic.... Bag vs table... Desktop vs standup.... If one goes hydraulic, what sort of tonnage is required to mold some holsters?? This sure seems like it could be less $$ than a vacuum setup. Do vacuum setups typically yield better results or visa versa?? Are bag style vacuum setups typically on par with table types in terms of molding potential?? If one gets an HF pump, where do they go and what might they spend on a bag and doo-dads to get it running?? I'd love to get a bit further into this subject. I'm a bit light on knowledge here. What I know can be summed up as "the foodsaver sorta does the job". I'd like something that can double to molding power of my precious kitchen equipment though. Thanks for any input.
  14. Well the one I picked out certainly looks like a peach, but I haven't cut into it yet to make a holster. Hopefully by next week I'm molding something out of it.
  15. Like you, I have previously purchased some pretty hairy leather from tandy. It was an economy double shoulder for $50. This was the first leather I had ever purchased and at the time didn't know what I was looking for. Even now, knowing how much I trimmed off as it was useless to me, I don't regret the purchase. I may have not found the hobby as delightful as I do and it served to teach me a bit of what I don't want in leather. The euro bends I've looked at in the store have zero hair on the back, not even a little fuzz. They are split very well. They are tanned as a bend however and do have some small clamp marks from being staked out. I looked through a dozen or so, none had brands or obvious stretch marks, no cuts or spots that got to thin from splitting. I was only able to find some random "scuffs" that were all very small and not more that one or two per bend. With military elite pricing, and being on sale the bends are $109 for what looked like an average of 10-11 sq ft. At this pricing I decided I'd try one. It is very clearly better leather than what I started on. I have had the pleasure of trying out a little hermann oak and by look and feel it is not quite the same quality. I don't think I would have grabbed the euro bend if not for the sale and military discount but with those the value seemed reasonable. Going forward I think I'm just going to do backs or double shoulders from w&c. I was actually thinking of just doing a double shoulder from them instead of the euro bend but their splitter is down and I would have had a bit of a wait. I get my undies in a bunch about the markup buying HO from resellers.
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