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    Mostly firefighting leather (shields, radio straps, etc...) and a little interest in holsters/sheaths
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  1. Awesome! The scissor is just what i was looking for! Thank you!
  2. Looking to buy 1" and 5/8" black trigger style swivel snaps. Ohio travel bag has the 1", but don't see a 5/8". Anybody have a source for these? Or a reliable way to paint nickel ones? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everybody! I have done a few firefighting related projects but I had a request for a simple modern/metro helmet shield. Does anybody have a template for one that they would be willing to share? I could probably pull a picture off the web, but I don’t know sizing. I have also experimented with a radio case for a radio strap with only marginal luck. Anybody have a template to share? I would be willing to spend a few bucks for either template. thanks!
  4. Hi All! I am fairly new to leatherwork in general. I have made a hand full of shields for myself and friends and have been pretty happy with them. Each one is better than the last! I had someone approach me and ask about doing a gold leaf shield for a chief officer. The process of putting the gold leaf on seems pretty easy. I can't find any help specifically for this purpose, but there is lots of gold leaf information on the web. I would for sure appreciate any help or pointers on it though. The part that has left me wondering is how do I get the graphics on the top? I can't imagine high volume companies like DE Williams or thefirestore.com would be hand painting them. Are they screened or some sort of vinyl? How can I get a finished product similar to what is pictured. Thanks for any input! Also, I would love to trade some templates if anybody has some they will share. I don't have much, but will share what I have! -gabriel
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