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  1. I’m one of the people who has been looking for one for some time. I am very interested!!!! Please let me know if you decide to sell!
  2. To tack on to everyone else... Terrick of Chartermade started out as a professional leatherworker. He was actually featured in GQ some time ago. He is a skilled craftsman and found that there were things he wanted to tweak about all of his knives ranging from his skiving knife to his head knife. As a result he redesigned the basic designs we are all familiar with, tweaking them in ways that may not be apparent until you use one. For example, his skiving knife has one rounded corner and a custom grind on it that makes it perform better than any other skiving knife I've used. After creating his own knives, other leatherworkers took notice and started asking him to make them similar knives. One thing led to another and now he primarily focuses on knife making because of the huge demand. Unfortunately this has meant up to a 6 month waiting period at points. Overall, I'd say that the details like ergonomics, blade angle, cutting angle, etc have all been fine tuned by an expert leatherworker who understands what we need in a tool. Many other makers who I support and love will admit they aren't leather workers and lean on the feedback of their users to fine tune their tools. That's what sets his work apart in my opinion. Expert leatherworker and expert knife maker.
  3. Sorry for the delayed response. I had some family medical issues to tend to. It is still available.
  4. I haven't been looking to sell these, but someone asked about buying one set off of me and it got me thinking. Posting in case someone is interested in the whole lot. Otherwise I'm happy to keep using them. Selling 3 sets oF KSBlade punch irons 2.7 - 2/12 3.0 - 2/12 3.38 - 2/10 The 3.38 pictured on the far right are the discontinued pro series that are phenomenal. Again, only interested in selling if someone wants to take all of them. Asking $565 including free delivery.
  5. I've had a chartermade trim knife up for sale for a couple of months now. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of interest in top of the line custom knives. Shame cause it's a great knife.
  6. I rarely use an awl. The ksblade will punch straight through thin leather. Anything upwards of 5oz you will want an awl for though
  7. Yeah, the Crimson hide have a point in the middle that make them easier to line up, but I prefer the uniform punch of the ksblade over the diamond shape. It's a small difference and most may not notice it, but it's enough for me to stick with the ksblade. I've thought about selling my ksblade and buying sino just to support Jin.
  8. Need some money by tomorrow. Dropping asking price to $150. This is $90 off of the price new. https://imgur.com/a/VF6qE7h
  9. Sino is Jin who used to be KSBlades and spun off to start his own thing. I can’t speak for the quality of the irons, but customer service dropped off a cliff once Jin left ksblade. Crimson hides is great and I have some of their other tools, but it is a different style iron. I prefer the style of kablade and sino, but I think the crimson are probably easier to use
  10. @bikermutt07 Hey, thanks for remembering. Yeah, I had a 3.83 set for sale. I've sold those, but I still have my 2.7, 3.0, 3.38 sets. @YSRASupply they aren't the gold colored ones, but if you're interested shoot me a message. I'm not looking to sell these sets, but we might be able to work something out. Cheers, gg
  11. Me too! Final price drop $179.99
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