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  1. yober


    This is stunning work. Do you ever have a problem distorting any tooling when you bend the leather around? I’m assuming you do it semi-wet.
  2. yober

    P365 Curved

    What do you use to create the “curve”?
  3. Yes, Siri seems to misinterpret everything I say these days. It’s a milk can, more or less, and you can see it underneath in the picture. If you’re saying sew hook and loop, I do not have a sewing machine and would have to do it by hand. It’s actually not that uncomfortable; in fact, I wish I had one because my butt fit in it just right (this is for friend of mine).
  4. Hi, I am tooling a cover for the tractor saddle seat which currently sits on top of a milk crate (pictured). I am looking for a way to secure the leather in such away that it won’t slide in any direction. I thought it might work like a pan seat for a motorcycle but I’m wishing to avoid lacing or stitching a lower containment panel all the way around the perimeter. I’ve come up with a couple options, but I’m not really happy with any of them so far: 1. Crisscross a strap through the holes; 2. Rivet some lacing hooks on the backside and cinch it up like a set of hiking boots; 3. Punch some grommets on the backside and cinch it up similarly. I will be wet mounding my significant fanny into it, and there will be significant amount of extra leather around the entire perimeter for which to secure things in a way not seen by anybody. I’m interested in a solution that will maximize the amount of real estate necessary for tooling a Sheridan design into it. The above three designs have at least some intrusion into this. Am I just crazy for trying this? Anybody done it before? Thanks in advance, Jon
  5. yober

    What is the cost of a knife?

    Saw one on Reddit a couple hours ago.
  6. yober

    Knipschield French Model Knife

    I'll take it, if it's still available. How would you like to be paid?