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    Lining a laptop sleeve

    I ended up using 3M 90 spray. It was a bit messy but seemed to have adhered well; we will see how it lasts. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out. I placed both pieces on scrap cardboard, sprayed them with the adhesive, and used a brayer to ensure there were no wrinkles.
  2. tturtle

    Lining a laptop sleeve

    Thank you all! I decided on a thin pigskin suede, and was planning on using 3M Super 77 spray but i'll take a look at the headliner adhesives. Thanks again!
  3. tturtle

    Lining a laptop sleeve

    Hey, I'm planning to make a laptop sleeve from 6oz Horween Dublin and finish the edges with Giardini edge paint. I want to line the inside of it with a non-marring material that won't shed on my laptop. I'm unsure of what material to line it with. Suede, pigskin, cloth, something else? Any tips that could help me with this project? Should I use contact cement or spray adhesive to adhere the lining? Thanks!