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  1. ltoddv

    It finally happened...

    Hey, over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to work out a similar problem for our shop. I am new also, I’ve been leather working for about two years now and we are just starting to sell our saddles and tack now. I subscribed to Don Gonzales newsletters and blog posts a while back and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. He puts out tons of great resources. He has an article on how to price your products on his website, one is a link to a video and the other is the actual article for pricing. I don’t use his exact formula but it gave me a great foundation for what we finally settled on. I’m sorry I don’t have the link to post but if you google don Gonzales pricing it will be one of the top results. Good luck and that bridle looks great!
  2. ltoddv

    Headstall and slobber straps

    That is awesome!
  3. ltoddv

    Ranger belt buckle

    Thanks for the info! That makes sense I just wanted to make sure it was installed the same before I messed it up. Thanks for the help!
  4. ltoddv

    Ranger belt buckle

    Hey! So I just got a new ranger buckle set that has an off set or dog leg in the buckle. My question is, is this installed the same as any other ranger belt or does it have to be done differently? I apologize for no pictures right now but best I can describe is the off set is the bar the buckle prong goes around is off set below the buckle. It is a 1/2” buckle set. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  5. ltoddv


    I’m a new self proclaimed saddle maker. I have the Stohlman books and have built a couple Saddles. My question is are there any associations or trade shows in the USA or southeastern USA for saddle makers, I am in Georgia? I’ve tried google and lost patience trying to sort through the info. Thanks for any info!
  6. ltoddv

    Spoke shaves??

    I may try to find one of them, thanks for the info
  7. Does anyone use a spoke shave for skiving? I was thinking of getting one to try but wanted some opinions first. I’ve been doing well with a safety beveler and tandy skive. I wanted to try a French skive or spoke shave and see if they were a little easier
  8. ltoddv

    Bronc saddle question

    Thank you! That answers my question! I couldn't tell if the front and back were attached or sewn in separate.
  9. So starting my first saddle and it's a bronc saddle. I ordered an association tree from timberline and getting everything else I need. My question is about the rigging. Is there a certain way the back rigging goes in? I know the position is different and have the rules to specify measurements but wasn't sure about the process. Is the process the same but changing the position of the riggings? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. ltoddv

    Douglas asks and hafts?

    Thanks for the info, I just ordered from Barry king.
  11. Where can I find Douglas awls? I don't want to buy a sewing machine so I'll spend the extra dollars on good awls. He makes the best ones from what I've read here but can't figure out where to buy them. Any advice is appreciated
  12. ltoddv

    Herman oak or chahin

    Thanks for the advice!!
  13. ltoddv

    Herman oak or chahin

    Thanks! That's something to think about, I had much rather have something easier to work with than not
  14. ltoddv

    Herman oak or chahin

    Thanks! I kinda have my mind made up on chahin just because it's easier on my wallet and it's my first one anyway. I was looking at American leather direct and maverick
  15. I'm about to start my first saddle. I ordered a tree from timberline last week and was getting everything else together. When I looked at leathers I found a big price difference between Herman oak and chahin. Is one better than the other enough to justify paying more? Any benefits to one over the other?