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  1. @tkelly001 Thank you so much! This was TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL!!
  2. On the topic of Cobra skivers, anyone have experience sharpening or adjusting them? I have to pull the leather through so forcefully (vs it just gliding through), so I know it needs some adjusting but I'm not familiar enough to figure out how to tweak or sharpen it. Hoping to find someone in the Chicago area or who could zoom maybe and walk me through adjustments. Thanks! @Lockeland Leather Works?
  3. ah, yes @toxo - excellent point, the stamps! That's a great thing to consider in cost. I appreciate you mentioning. It's good to hear that maybe I'm thinking to hard on one over the other. I guess I'm used to weighing an prioritizing purchases for my shop. I feel like my experience has been every time I look for a new tool or machine for leatherwork it costs $500US or $1500US (not even considering the $5000 machines...that will come later!) Pretty impressive you are building your own! It looks great! Going to keep doing a little research and letcha know what I land on. Pleased to be here! Jamie
  4. What heat embosser/foil stamp machines do you like. Truthfully, I'm mostly looking for heat embossing, not foil, but most of them offer both. I've found the most info about the Dream Factory stamping machine and all reviews seem great, but they are pricey. The one criticism I find is the lack of instructions in multiple languages, but other than that, people seem to love it and it's constructed well. I know Tandy has a heat imprinter, but have not heard of anyone who either loves or hates it. There's a ton of knockoffs from China on Amazon and Etsy for more in the $400 or less range, but it's hard to know if any of these are quality. I'm mostly stamping a logo, and sometimes initials or text in veg tan. Recommendations welcome! Thanks!
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