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  1. Hello again, I'd like to thank everyone for the help you gave me! After a long while I was able to fix it (or at least i hope so) without using the heat tool since the paint (edge flex) adhered to it pretty well.
  2. @Mattsbagger Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the suggestions! I've already looked into that tool, but i can't seem to find it (or a similar one) in my country. I will try to see if i can find a similar tool before deciding if i should import it or not since with import fees it'll be a bit more costly. The paint seems nice and has a mate version available so i think i'll give it a try. @MadHatter Hi, could you please elaborate or give examples of a stable base (or what it is)? I'm not quite sure what you mean with this. @cjartist Hello, unfortunately to me substituting the handle is out of the question, i'd have a very hard time finding something fitting to replace it and i'd like to keep it as is and i believe cutting it would also prove a task since now i don't trust anyone to touch it. But thank you for the suggestions. I'll look into a conditioner.
  3. Hi Thanks for the answers. But what exactly can i use here? I've been reading up on the other articles here in the forums and from what i gather theres many different edge paint i can use. How do i know what to use here? Doesnt Tandy Edge have a possibility of making the paint run when exposed to water? Should i get a sealer or wax? Do they have available the paint in mat to make it more similar to the edges on the bag? Ive seen Giardini (?) has the paints available in mat, but ive heard they could also run if exposed to water. I know as a first step i'll need to get the old one out, it's craked and flaking off in several parts. But next should i sand it before applying the paint? How about the wood burner, what kind would you advise? Can i use the tips that come with it or will i need a special tip to run on the paint?
  4. Hello everyone, two years ago i lost my mom and she left me her bag. A bag that's in optimal condition and had 10 years of usage without a hitch. But ten years is ten years and the edges started cracking slightly. It was slight but iIwanted to stop it from going any further, so iIook it to a repair shop that substituted the hole edge on the handle as you can see from the pictures. I went to pick it up and the paint was all cracked iIdidn't even bother to leave iIshed them to redo it because it was in no condition. They applied a second layer that when iIpicked up cracked again on the hole. I asked if iIleft it there they could fix it they said they'd just apply more paint and assured me it would last more than the original edge (which lasted ten years mind you). I took the bag and left. Obviously parts of the paint started falling off. So here iIm desperate to somehow repair my bag and return it to its former glory and give it a few more years of usage and keep a part of my mom with me. If tthere's anyone out there that can help me iIold really appreciate it. pictures of the bag
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