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  1. Rob, if you're located in the U.S. and need a cutting mat, Joann's Fabrics has them for a good price with their coupons. Check out their website for coupons.
  2. Chas, Thank you for the info on the maul versus mallet. I also found some more info on this forum.
  3. To piggyback on this topic, (hope I'm not hijacking it!), I'd like to know what the difference is with using a round versus tapered or flat head maul is? Specifically, the round and tapered. I see that the Craftool Pro flat maul by Tandy is half of the weight. I've been using an older rawhide flathead maul. My stamping experience is mostly with Sheridan style but I would like to do some more Basketweave work as well. If you only had one, which would be the best?
  4. JOhan, Thanks for the info. I have used newer tools and am pleased with most of them. I would love to visit the Stohlman Museum.
  5. That is what I have been doing...replacing them slowly. I just purchased some used stamping tools that are the older and better ones and will buy better brands as I go.
  6. Rlaing - I have several of the newer Craftool tools and they have been fine. OTOH, some leave impressions that aren't as good as the older tools I have but they are adequate. A couple of good examples are the "Pebble" and Basketweave stamps. The Pebble tool leaves a "dimple" impression no matter how I tap the tool. I haven't found a way to avoid it and figure that the tool is too convex in its shape. Or perhaps this is how they are designed...this is my first time using one. The newer Tandy Basketweave stamp works fine but it isn't as crisp as other brands out there. I'm just making items for myself, family and friends so highly visible, professional quality isn't necessary for me and I don't want to invest a lot more money (I've spent enough already! lol). FWIW, Tandy is having a sale on their Craftool Pro stamps now.
  7. For what it's worth, I have had luck with Amazon shipping Fiebing's Pro dyes to me directly, whereas I can't purchase them from Tandy because they can't sell them in California. Amazon must have a "work around" the laws. This may also work for Angelus.
  8. Thanks Rohn...love your work! I haven't tried beveling but was curious. One thing I have learned here, is to tap with more pressure on my tools to get a better impression.
  9. I have learned a lot here and am constantly working on my skill level. You may want to post some pictures so that members can see the tooling and provide you with some tips.
  10. All - thanks for the tips and suggestions!
  11. I found a pencil works best too. I was able to use my mechanical pencil. To piggyback on this thread...the tracing paper has a dull and shiny side. Does it make a difference which side is up? Are there any cheaper sources than Tandy?
  12. Good job for first attempt. One of the Tandy videos shows the camouflage tool turned the way that Stormcrow used it along a border. Mattsbagger's method looks good as well...there are so many ways that you can use these border tools! Great ideas here! Rohn - Do you also bevel the border line that you cut with the swivel knife?
  13. They look great...I agree about the edges. For an "economy" leather, the color of the dye looks great and very even.
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