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  1. Appreciate the link but doesn't help too much. This mostly seems directed at a member who is confused between a pricking iron and a chisel. And has a budget cap. I don't. I actually think that the the KS Blade Black Griff are the best option on the market right now. Leathercraft Reddit thread has much more active discussion. Thanks again
  2. Hey, Long time listener, first time poster. I am currently agonising over which pricking irons to invest in. Having used cheap chinese irons for years, I'm ready to invest in the perfect set. Problem is, where to start. I know I don't want to go old school so i'll dismiss brands like Blanchard and Osbourne for starters. I favour penetrating at least 3mm worth of leather over only using awl (I know I know, its just my way. I do like to work with an awl but I like having the option for certain projects). I'm looking at 2+8 teeth at 3.38 and/or 3.85 So far, my opinions are thus: Crimson Hides: Great for consistent penetration but makes large holes and are neither diamond nor euro style Amy Roke: Great irons, well made and ideal for those wanting to do the awl work but punching through opens up hole too much which significant differences between entering/exit holes. Wuta: Same as Amy Roke, just cheaper and smaller. Other than that, little difference. KS Blade: Ideal for marking holes and punching through. Just unbelievably expensive. Even the new 'Black' range isn't that much cheaper! cmdachong: Great for both marking and punching through reasonably thick leathers without huge difference in enter/exit holes. Good price... But he has decided to stop making irons! These are just the opinions/descriptions I have formed to date based on research and discussion. If you can shed any extra light, opinion or introduce other suggestions, feel free. What are you using, and why do you like them etc (and if you're selling any irons, do get in touch!). I'm favouring the Roke at the moment and will just have to suck up the awl work and forgo the punching through unless you guys can help!
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