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  1. Many thanks to you all for your replies. Huge help. I spoke with Phase-a-matic. They were incredibly helpful and offered some great advice. They recommended that I at least double the motor size just to be safe (ie use a 7hp on a 3hp motor) but admitted that a 5HP would do the trick just fine.
  2. Many thanks for the info. So I think I'll go for the 5HP RPC. Sound good to you?
  3. Hello all, There are a few good threads on here discussing the best way in which to run three phase machines on 220 single phase power. While there does seem to be some difference in opinion regarding RPC vs VFD's, I cant find a consensus on how to actually match the motors. I just picked up a 25 ton Herman Schwabe clicker running a 3 HP motor. Some folks seem to think it's best to match it with a RPC with a larger motor, like a 5hp, while others say a 3HP RPC is adequate. There's a pretty significant price difference between a 3HP and 5HP converter so I just wanted to see if any of you had a reason why one would be preferable to the other. Will I have significant power loss on a 3HP converter? Any risk of burning out the motor? I plan on using a Phase-a-Matic RPC if that helps. Many thanks for all of your advice.
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