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  1. Looking into getting a used Adler 267, anyone with experience with this machine? what limitations should I be aware of? Belts, bags, bible/notebook covers some of the items being made… Thanks
  2. Hoping to sew bags, wallets, firefighter helmet shields, radio straps, etc.
  3. Here is a closer pic of the feed mech.
  4. Thanks. The guy selling it says it’ll sew up to 9oz leather.
  5. Can anyone help me out with the model #. The model plate only has a serial #. I’m thinking possibly a 1541 but not sure.
  6. I’ve tried asking the seller that and either she’s incompetent and can’t tell me or doesn’t really want to sell it...
  7. Can anyone help out with the model of this machine? Would it be something that could sew some lighter weight items like wallets?
  8. Have the opportunity to purchase this machine. I have searched but unable to find info on needle sizes, max thread diameter, etc. Mainly going to be used for handbags, belts, cell phone cases. Also, this would be my 1st machine, so what type of learning curve am I looking at. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for your feedback Bob! While I am just getting started (again) on some leather projects, I am looking for ways to increase production all while not sacrificing time with family. Belts, holsters, fire helmet shields, wallets are a few of the projects I tend to focus on. Should I wait and save more money for a cylinder arm machine. Also this machine is available local to me, it appears to be needle fed, based on research, but curious as to other positives/negatives. I believe it’s a 255rb-1. Seller is asking 600$
  10. I have an opportunity to purchase this machine. What can anyone tell me about this? Max thickness it will sew? I’ve tried to research but not finding much info on the web? The seller sent multiple pics and videos, it appears to work fine? What all should I look for?
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