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  1. Good Afternoon, I was gifted a new Cowboy Outlaw Hand Crank sewing machine (Tandy Leather Version). I Like it so far and have been having much success with the projects I make. One question that has come up is...Can I change the needle size? I would like to use a needle with a smaller diameter as I am experimenting with thread size #69 The current needle that came with the machine is 7x4DIA 794DIA 200/25 (I am new to this kind of sewing so apologize for not knowing what any of this means!) These needles leave too big of a hole for the size of thread I am trying to use on a 3mm thick piece of treated and waxed veg tan. So...I guess my questions are as follows: Can I use a different needle size with this machine? Do you have a recommendation on needle size for the #69 thread Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. A fork on my diamond chisel bent on a recent project and it caused some havoc with my stitching lines, before I figured out what was going on. As such, I am looking for a recommendation on a more quality set that I can purchase. I was also hoping on a recommendation for how many TPI I should be looking for. I am a hobbyist who does small projects like wallets, journal covers, and tool pouches. I believe the chisel set that I have now is 6 TPI, but I am not 100% sure as my wife gave me the set when I first started the hobby and I did not even know what to look for. I do not want to break the bank on this purchase, but I believe in investing in quality tools. Thanks for reading, and any advice is appreciated.
  3. This is a journal cover I made as a gift for my sisters birthday. I used common over the counter acrylic paint from walmart (because that is what I had on hand at the time). Sealed with Satin Sheen, and the image seems to be holding up well. Interested to see what it will look like as it ages. The two issues I have with this one is the pen holder! I realized I just hate the design and am going to do something different on the next one. Also, a tooth on my stitching fork bent, which caused some a funky stitching line on the final product. Going to look for some better quality tools here shortly. Thanks for looking.
  4. Yea kind of a bad place to live for a fisherman. I do most of my fishing out of Long Beach. About a 2.5 hour drive each way if I plan correctly and beat the traffic!
  5. I was also worried about the pliers falling out as I move around. Used the pouch twice on the water so far and have not had a problem. I have made two addition bags since and I slimmed up the design, and made the pocket a bit deeper to help provide more of a friction fit. I also was thinking about a retractor, but all of them that I have used so far don't last in the salt water. When I finds heavy duty model I will probably switch it out. thanks for the feedback
  6. Eco flow water stain and satin sheen finish. Followed that up with a heat applied coat of snoproof weather guard
  7. Thanks for the kind words, I can't wait to get out on the water and see how it holds up to the elements.
  8. Got a nice set of Cuda brand pliers, diagonal cutters, and braid cutter as a gift from my wife for fishing. Decided to make a nice sheath for the set, and I got way too into the project. First time with this type of project, had a great time and didn't encounter many obstacles during the build. I prefer a belt clip to the more traditional loop style. I also used a tri-weave stamp along with a few other basic stamps to decorate. All stainless hardware. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know of a good carving/stamping course/class that they would recommend in the Southern California area? I am looking for something a bit more formal than the Tandy Leather weekend workshop. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Do you have a pic as a example of the mold you are looking for?
  11. Even something more like this would work as I am looking for lightweight seeing as I mostly fish in board shorts (the SoCal way)!
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