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  1. motocouture

    Hotdog collar

    Great work!
  2. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

    No worries, and thanks for the details! I think I have some leftover belt blanks that would be perfect for that.... I know the feeling - was glad to have something extra on her to grab at the vet yesterday when someone’s cat escaped from the carrier....wasn’t sure how that was all going to play out there for a moment
  3. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

    Thank you! I’ve been using it for just a week or so, but holding up well so far. She ran around like a mad thing in the backyard, and both doggy and harness seemed fine after lol. The pattern I bought from was excellent value; for one pdf purchase you get 3 or 4 different sizes, with the size selection based on the chest measurement. I usually draft my own patterns, but it was definitely nice to have a well-drafted pattern to start from.
  4. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

    Thanks! You’re absolutely right though; next project on the list is making a better short lead for the car that either connect to the seat belt or into the seat belt clip . At ~18kgs, definitely don’t want her unrestrained if a crash ever happened. Thanks! She’s (usually) well behaved. That’s a great idea - do you have any photos you can share? I like the idea of just leaving that leash connected to the seat belt in the car.
  5. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

  6. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

    Thanks! I like the antiqued look Much appreciated! Lol mostly because she wants to chew on it as opposed to wearing it Thank you!
  7. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

  8. motocouture

    Dog Harness for my pocket bully

    Been making a few different things recently, but decided that the pocket bully needed a decent harness. Used a Dieselpunk pattern (size medium), Herman Oak veg tan (6-7 oz), Orion Calf cognac cream wax to add a tint to the leather, hand stitched using Meisi M60 thread in orange, and 3/4 inch nickel-plated solid brass hardware from Buckleguy (including some purse feet as studs). Was straightforward to assemble from the well-drafted pattern, and fits well on my 40 lb bully. I changed the single point to a two-point attachment for situations where she needs to be more secure.
  9. motocouture

    The Sorta Kelly Bag

    Great schematic, thanks!
  10. motocouture

    The Sorta Kelly Bag

    Thanks for sharing this detail! Abas Hardware also stock (occasionally) the hardware; I’ve used it on a similar ‘Kelly’ clutch, and it worked nicely, good quality.
  11. motocouture

    Cheap Roo Skins

  12. motocouture

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Insanely good!! Well done!
  13. Bought a side of the cigar; as always, great leather and service from Mike. Much appreciated!
  14. Hi, I made a clutch version (similar to the Kelly cut clutch) out of crocodile, and would be happy to share the pattern. Can’t figure out how to link to my original post, but if you search “Croc clutch” it should come up....