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  1. Hi there, email sent per your instructions. Cheers, Brontë
  2. I suggested Jun Lin share his post here; he reached out to me regarding his creaser - I was sorely tempted but wouldn’t be able to hide a second one on my workbench from hubby. Figured the fair thing to do would be to let someone else have a chance at it
  3. Thank you so much for both the time to make the template and the willingness to share. Much appreciated. Timely as I just destroyed my purchased card holder, so now, through necessity, I’m teaching myself how to make a small wallet instead of large bags
  4. motocouture

    Binocular case

    Lovely! And it’s a great feeling to revitalize something
  5. @RockyAussie in answer to your original question, I think yes. From my personal assessment, based on a range of sources, I think the potential benefits outweighs the possible risks. Especially given the possibility of asymptomatic transmission. @Sheilajeanne thank you for your thoughtful research and responses. This is a global issue, not just national. Thought you might enjoy the cartoons below (sourced from xkcd.com)
  6. Really, really sorry to hear that. He is an amazingly talented smith, with beautiful knives. I hope he and his family are able to recover.
  7. Love it! if rock is frozen, it’s cold
  8. Thank you! Ha - all puns accepted! Pretty sure it’s granite (I’m a sucker for granite). Good little paperweight. I also sew, and the tissue patterns fly everywhere in a draft if you’re not careful or have a chunk of granite handy Thanks! I like the contrast in texture between the lace and stone.
  9. Thank you! Was fun to do Maybe there’s a business model in this?
  10. Ha! Good point- I’ll have to make a mask for him. Safety first! Thanks! I’m assuming it’s round cording? I think the flat lace is easier to do, since it tends to ‘grab’ and stay put a bit better. Polyester can be slippery
  11. Hi all, figured I’d try braiding a Turks Head knot onto a rock just for fun and to try something new. Kangaroo lace in natural and burgundy, and the knot is a two-pass seven part six bight Turks ahead knot, using the instructions from a Ron Edwards leatherwork book. now I need to figure out what to do with the rock
  12. Nice work! Love the lacing detail - must’ve taken a ton of time
  13. @mikesc thank you again for the detailed posts, during what is an immensely challenging time. Humbled by the fact that you’re suspending your day-to-day business operations to support others. Old saying from a college I survived - doctrina vim promovet... @toxo It’s a free world; if someone’s extensive and well-researched efforts don’t meet your needs, no one is forcing you to read or use it.
  14. Thanks for sharing, and for respecting the work and rights of the original pattern owner. Will likely make some of these for our daughter, who is currently working as a nurse’s aide here in PA
  15. Cute lil monkey’s fist! Well made
  16. Fantastic work, always great to see a different use or application. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Can’t wait to see the finished product! oh, the puns keep coming!
  18. Thank you so much! i don’t usually use a lot of antiqued brass, but I thought it would go nicely with the browns in this one (and use up some of my stash) thank you! I find the leg split actually helps it sit better (especially as the leather is still a little stiff and needs to soften up, which it should do with use). I was cautious when I made the initial cut, then extended it a couple of inches. I didn’t think about leg straps, although ironically, my stepdad used to be a farrier-blacksmith, and he had one of the split leg half aprons with the legs straps. For this one, the weight of the leather and how it falls holds it in place fine. I use one of the “L” shaped stitching clamps, not the European style ones that you rest on the floor, so I definitely needed the split.
  19. Thanks! The sliding rack is interesting, helps expand your work area and is pretty smooth and stable.
  20. Thank you! thanks, and here’s hoping! Although I’m bound to get edge paint on it in less than a week yeaaahhhh.... Thanks! Ha! The model definitely doesn’t, but much less painful than me trying to take selfies (I remember rotary dial phones...) that was my thought behind the stud closure, nothing too complicated, and also can adjust length down the track if the straps stretch.
  21. Hi all, decided to have a go at making a work apron, based on a great tutorial by Phil Jury (Leathercraft Mastercraft). Drafted the pattern to fit my dimensions, and hand stitched the apron out of SB Foot leather, with a deep brown alligator trim. The top also has a strip of veg tan behind the alligator to give some body. The hardware is some antiqued brass I had lying around that I probably salvaged a while back from something else. Thread is Fil au Chinois, 532 in beige, with my new Kevin Lee 3.00mm stitching irons (those things are shaaaarp! hypothetically, they cut if you brush them against the side of your index finger....)
  22. Thank you so much! It’s in fantastic condition, with a great range of accessories. The rack is handy for if I ever want to do larger articles I think. I love being able to use something vintage. You absolutely can have first dibs!
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