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  1. Hi everybody, When I started leatherworking years ago, I searched this forum for hours to know where I could buy the tools and the leather I needed. As most of you probably know, building a toolset can be very expensive, and it's hard to know what to buy/not to buy. For me, everything changed when I spent a week in the workshop of Nigel Armitage in 2020. I could try and feel all the leather and leathertools I watched so often on Youtube :). Since then, I work mostly with leather from Metropolitan Leather company (Lamport shoulder, bridle butts, etc). After getting to know other leatherworkers and learning they were on the same search as I had been, I decided it was time to start a new online store: vandijkleathersupplies.com I'm now running this store together with my wife. We try to help fellow leathercrafters in Europe finding the best tools available today, alongside the most popular vegetable tanned leathers from the UK. I hope this helps some of you! If some of you have feedback or advise, it is very much appreciated! Best regards, Jeroen van Dijk
  2. Hi Bert and Alex, I'm very curious about the tanneries you can recommend! Would you mind sharing the names/adresses/website? Would be great Cheers, Jeroen
  3. Hi Bert, I would love to get the adress! What kind of leathers do they produce?
  4. Jamvandijk

    Visiting UK

    Hello everyone, I'm a small leatherworker from the Netherlands, and I'm making small leathergoods, such as belts, satchels, wallets, etc. I've been looking for good leather suppliers for a while now, but I find it difficult (and not a very fun job) to look for leather online and order a limited amount of samples. This is why I decided I'm going to visit the UK in January. Does any of you have suggestions where to go? I'd like to be able to see, feel and smell different leathers with different qualities and buy a small amount of hides. Places I will definitely visit are J&FJ Baker and A&A Crack& Sons. All suggestions welcome! Best wishes, Jeroen van Dijk
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