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  1. My first carved headstall All hardware - solid brass
  2. KornelKobak

    Shoulder Bag for Women

    For sale. Prise is 200 $ + shipping. More pictures here Shoulder Bag
  3. KornelKobak

    Western Chaps

    Thanks First Acrylic Resolene on flowers, later Antique Finish Gel - Eco Flo. Leather on upper section is veg-tan leather 4 mm. thanks this is my idea
  4. KornelKobak

    Spurs Strap

    My own pattern.
  5. KornelKobak

    First drawings

    Yeah me too, but now I am aboard so do it when I'll be back. This one will be at my saddle bags
  6. KornelKobak

    First drawings

    Thanks I will show you more when it's finished
  7. KornelKobak

    First drawings

    Hello. My two very first drawings
  8. KornelKobak

    Quick Release Buckle and Supplier Info?

  9. KornelKobak

    Hunting Bag

    It is - Poland - especially east is a bit wild. May one day you will visit - it's nice place to travel
  10. I was moulding a leather for a saddle bags ( firs time), but it was to flat, so I didn't know what to do with this, and this happened A little dirty, cause of oiling and my little experience with painting that time. There is a place for a pocket knife and some hunting papers in a flap.
  11. Some of my Western Bagd done for ladys
  12. KornelKobak

    Bull Rider Rodeo Chaps

    and top is looking like that: