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  1. Hi every one. Just to put my 2 pence in. I have only been doing leather work for about 18 months, up until a month ago I have been using the cheap Chinese stitching irons and a set of the seiwa irons. I took the plunge and got a set of Wuta irons in 3.85 mm, WHAT a difference they made, You can go right through on leather up to 3 to 3.5, and it stitches lovely using 0.6 to 0.8 thread, any more than that you end up with a bigger hole so up thread to 1.0, I paid the full price for the wuta @ £68.00 free shipping for a 2 tooth and 8 tooth, they are beautifully made, a good weight and sail in and out of the leather, just to hold and look at them is a pleasure. You will not waste your money buying them, I have just ordered o set of 3 mm. If still unsure take a look at Nigel Armitage on his pricking iron reviews. Hope this helps Paul W
  2. Have a look at leathercrafttools.com, I got a 25,30,35, and 40mm English point strap end punches by Koshin elle for about £50 including shipping, about half the price of goods japan, here's the rub, don't buy them all at once get one at a time, and you wont pay customs duty that's in the UK don't know about the USA, took just over a week to get them. If you buy all at once customs duty is about £35
  3. dam nice belts, as to the stitching it finishes them off, I don't think the stitching is wasted, to get better and quicker one must keep doing it. It elevates the belts right up there, well done
  4. Hello fellow crafters, just thought i would pass this on, being on a small pension i am always on the look out to save a few bob, (English for money), after tipping over bottles of dye, work bench is a nice shade of blue, green and brown, i came across a sale of discontinued rolls of wall paper, re tasked an old towel rail on end of my bench slid on a roll always on hand and out of the way when not used, the rolls worked out at 65 cents each and a roll is about 32 feet long
  5. good stuff, dam good price and after sales is second to non
  6. You could try buyleatheronline.com they are in Italy, I am in the UK, from order to in hand 4/5 days and its good stuff. They have more types of leather on their web site than you shake a stick at(English slang for a lot) In the UK you have Metropolitan.co.uk , their stuff is good to. Good hunting
  7. yes its buyleatheronline.com. their website have the prices in GBP, us dollars and euros, I think it was 5 days from order to in my hands.
  8. I have only been doing leather work for a year, started with tandy, same problem, needles broke,found Nigel's video, got some John James needles, 002,003,004 never had a problem since.
  9. Not sure where to put this, hope some one points one in the right direction. Only been doing leather work for a year and have been buying my leather from 2 places in the U.K., I found leatheronline by accident so tried them twice, not knowing much their advice was second to none and went out of their way to help. First order was for 3rd grade calf, when it came I thought if this is 3rd their 1st must be of of this world. Ordered a 1st square shoulder at 3.5mm thick at $116, when it came, it was not what I expected, it was not square, contacted them by email sent some photographs, less than 24 hrs later the email from them was as follows: Hello Paul, Just to see if it was our skin and even if the size match the shape is not good, so i completely agree with you, this leather is unfortunately under our standards for belt making, maybe during order preparation they made a mistake. because of this we will send a new one to you for free, and you can keep that one.Sorry for inconvenience We remain at your disposal Best regards Tommaso Ciardi THATS WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE The top grain was super no marks, the flesh side was like a fine suede. All of their leather was dam good stuff, recommended supplier.
  10. Check out Nigel Armitage web site (nordic badger) he has done a very extensive review in stitching and pricking irons, it will tell you all you need to know, and you can print out everything he has found out about them
  11. can I just have a pennies worth, I am very new to leather craft about 6 months, i was worried about skiving leather in case I mucked it up, I bought the cheapest skiver from LePrevo in the UK, cost about £3.00, watched Ian Atkinson on youtube and it was a treat to use, no problem
  12. Hi Iam a newbie been going for about 6 months, I live in Suffolk. If you are looking for leather try leatheronline.com, based in Italy, it took 5 days from ordering online to postman knocking on door and they do a huge range, tried some of their 3rd grade calf I was not expecting good stuff, but if their 3rd grade was like I recieved its dam good stuff, their 1st must be out of this world and the price is brill. Look on youtube for leodis leather and Nordic badger, you will be up and running in no time
  13. Hi people, I am from the UK and fairly new to leather work, I got a few reels of the 0.8 waxed thread from china, its not to over waxed like Tiger, but it stitches very well, when matched to some tiger 0.8 it is not as big, it looks like it comes out to 0.6. Hope you find this helpful. Paulw
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